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  1. Peecher, your pic shows what I need, looks like someone did try to add something on this car. Oh well, little more touch-up to do! Thanks everyone. Craig
  2. here are the re-sized photos, thanks
  3. Dang,photos won't load!! Anyway, the metal piece is thin sheetmetal about 1-1/4" wide x 2-1/4 long with a small offset each way (from center) with 1 appx. 1/4" hole at center and 2 -1/8" holes very near that hole at a diaginal, and the rubber is same size. Thanks, Craig
  4. Since everyone was so helpful with the mirror question, heres another one. On this 41 Zephyr, on the forward door jambs (hinge end) there are holes punched into the jamb below top hinge and above lower hinge.(see photos) When it was dissassembled the piece in my hand(in pic) was the remnant(s) removed from the holes. They had a rubber washer shaped the same as the metal part shown with 1 medium sized slotted panhead screw holding it on. The question here is has anyone seen these on a car? Are they some type of grounding plate? Could be someone added these for whatever reason, and I will just h
  5. Thanks everyone! Looks like I have then on correctly, the end where the mirror is attached is definiatly curved up in all the photos like mine are. I think the confusion comes from the way the base is milled, causing some mirrors to sit differently on the trim resulting in different angle/heights of the assembly. Mssr. Bwatoe, I agree, the mirrors are pretty much useless!! Thanks again, Craig
  6. Thanks 40 Zeph, I think I'll leave them as mounted unless someone else chimes in. Is Jake Fleming a member here? Maybe I'll give him a ring. Thanks everyone, Craig
  7. Thanks Peecher! Like I had originally posted I've seen them both ways??? I was looking at the link that was posted a little further down in the forum titled "trim paint" and clicked on the link to Bill Fobairs 41 coupe, "completed restoration photos" and pictures 1,2,3,4, 6 show the mirrors laying flatter, looking like they can be reversed from drivers side to pass side to achieve that look. Now, I don't know if Bills' mirrors are the correct ones or not, but since they are so difficult to change later, just want to make certain. I also looked at Phil Knapps photo album of the Gilmore Kalamazo
  8. Hello all, I am mounting the exterior mirrors on this 41 Zephyr, have seen them mounted 2 different ways, 1 with arm curved up, 1 curved down. Is this way (pictured) the correct way, or should I flip from LH to RH sides? Thanks! Craig
  9. Hi all, Haven't posted in a while, but do read other posts often. I have a quick question: I am doing a 41 LZ Convertible. On the rear skirt rubber welting/weatherstrip, does the beaded part of the welt fit down on the skirt, or does it face upwards toward the fender? The beaded part is not centered (like on fender welting) hence this question about mounting. Thanks all, Kraig
  10. Thanks much Jeff, Today I took a closer look at the wheel in the outdoors, no sun here in Ohio ya know, and it is definiatly black, maybe it was painted at some point, BUT on the underside/inside the hub there were some traces of the maroon color, who knows? Anyway, would the dash paint color be correct, or is the color more of an opaque? This car does have the gold trim, so I know its the custom interior. Just trying to get this beauty correct.Thanks, C
  11. Ha-Ha! The picture looks pretty good, looks more blue w/ day-glo green! Anyway, I keep doing a little more research, (on the wheel, that is)and thanks for the info. C
  12. Hi all, The car I'm doing (06H), has the Maroom Dash w/ the required gold trim, but the steering wheel is Black, shouldn't it be a translucent Maroon also? If so, is it just painted with the same paint as the dash, or is more of a special process such as multiple coats of clear over the color. If a special process is used, can someone recomeend a good source to do this coating? Thanks much, C
  13. Hi all, Does the jack head and base get the "grass green" color or Black? The resto guide says black for the tools, but is unclear about the head and base. Also, on a black car w/ black top do the top irons/bows get a wood colored (yellowish-tan)paint or is it more grayish tan color. Thanks for the help everyone, want to get it correct. C
  14. Thanks Rolf, will do. Couple more questions for everyone, car is 40 LZ convert., does jack head and base get the green or black? book says black?? Also, top frame was painted a tan (wood color) does it get this color or the more grayish/tan color? car will be black w/ black top. Thanks much everyone! C
  15. Thanks Zeffer, I'm in Ohio, east of Cleveland. Yes, I had the cylinders apart already, your right about the seals, maybe they will clean up fine, haven't tried yet. I will probably remove the shafts and have them re-hard chromed in Cleveland. I thank everyone for the help, I'm sure I'll need quite a bit more help in the days ahead, and will be checking in. Also, does anyone have for sale the gear reduction box for a dealer add-on Columbia? Let me know at Oramac68@aol.com Thanks again, C
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