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  1. Did you ever find your parts? I have a rust free Model 52 that is in pieces since my divorce. Let me know if you still need parts. 53Bob76R Bob Mitchell
  2. Yes I have both front and rear. All will need replating for show.
  3. I have a rear bumper for 50/70 series with backup lamp housings still attached. $50 plus shipping and it is yours.
  4. There is a bulletin in the 53 book that covers the hood hinge and spring removal. Even has photos.
  5. I need to sell my 1953 Roadmaster 2 door hardtop. This is a survivor car with 63K miles. The car is an extremely rare hardtop with factory AC. As you can see in the pictures, this is an original car and has not been restored. It was stored from 1976 until I bought the car in 2006. The hydraulic system for the windows and seats has been rebuilt with new cylinders in 3 of the windows and new plumbling. Power brake and booster rebuilt. Dynaflow rebuilt. Gas tank cleaned, new fuel pump, and carburetor rebuilt. New wheel bearings and exhaust system. The drivers side hood bracket was reattached to the hood skin using aircraft rivets. As you can see in the pictures, I put clear covers over the original interior along with a cloth pad on the front seat surface. Paint is all original except for portion of the rear driver side fender which has some blistering paint from an old repair. Things not working: AC needs freon, speedometer works but odometer stopped last summer, occasional drip from Dynaflow, needs heater control valve, a slow leaking lifter leaks down at low idle, and there is a creak in passenger front from worn spring cushion/seat. This is a very rare car that is ready to receive HPOF. I am asking $16K for it and would like to sell this in the club rather that putting on ebay.
  6. Additional pics of the interior, trunk, engine and more of the car with a different background were posted today on ebay.
  7. The Electra went up on ebay this morning. Over $20K is invested in this car with the reserve being half that amount.
  8. Before I put my car up on ebay, I wanted to try and keep it in the club if possible. This is a 1967 Electra Convertible with factory AC. It is a very good looking car but not a show car. The engine and transmission run strong and it is a great highway car. AC is converted to R-134 and blows cold. The only non working item I know of is the power antenna, which I believe needs a new cable inside. Would like $12,500 for the car. The title is clear and in my name so there is no extra work involved. Send me a message here or you can email me at roadmasterbob@yahoo.com Thanks, Bob
  9. I have each year from 1995 thru 2002 of the Bugle in the nice white plastic binders that used to be available in the Bugle. The price is $15 per year or $100 for all 8 binders, plus postage. If you are new to the club this is a great way to review past National events or possibly track the history of your car. Thanks, Bob
  10. I am not sure where you are located but I have a bumper and quite a few spare parts in Houston. $75 and the bumper is yours. I can ship it for you or if you are close you can pick it up. Bob
  11. Thanks Lamar. It is nice to hear the compliment. So many people see the car as I drive it and always ask "Are you going to fix it up?". Still hope to get to an AACA meet for HPOF.
  12. Not to be outdone, the sweepspear heritage is alive and well in the lines of my 67 Electra.
  13. Sorry to admit it, but this thread made me reallize I need to take more pictures of my 53 Roadmaster. Here are the sweepspears on the car prior to putting on the new wide whites. Not too many of these cars still wearing their original paint and interior, but you are looking at one here.
  14. Verifying the title is current and in his name is a good idea. I have flown across the country to purchase a car only to find that "title" had to be secured from the DMV because it had been lost.
  15. Of course, we all know that "teaching" our kids is alot of fun too. My son learns here how Buick's used to start.
  16. Part of the fun in having your kids involved in the hobby is watching them take an interest on their own. This may be the only "recorded" incident in history of a "Cozy Coupe" being up in the air for service!!
  17. Interesting reading about everyones situation. To be accurate I went to the source. She said she considers herself "our official photographer and gofer". She loves the events and we always include any museums in the area when we vacation.
  18. Maybe showing my age...........but I can still vividly picture the Chevy commercials with the Bonanza theme in the background as the new cars sat on top of the mountain.
  19. Alex, I sent you a PM on the hood.
  20. NOOO.........Lamar......don't ask to go back. I lost my ID in the change the first time........and am hoping my "new member" status will change soon!!......However.......I am Type "O" Positive if that helps the forum!!
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