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  1. Hi there,is this truck still for sale.Thanks Harvey
  2. Hi jim,i had a similar problem on my 37 caddy,very similar style front end.what i had was a worn support,this is the peice that goes from the upper and lower control arm,the steering knuckle or spindle attach to it,the kingpin goes through it,what happened was the hole was worn,propably from the pin being loose?,these are not easily repaired and replacement is required,they do pop up in ebay from time to time,you might be able to drive the pin in further and take up some of the slack,i havent replaced mine yet so i cant tell you how big a job it will be,but be prepared to replace some other parts as well?if it is the bushings in the knucke that are bad,you could take the assembly to a shop and have them installed and reamed,the support peice does not have any bushings in it,as for alignment,look for a man who has a lot of experience,look for an old guy with grey or no hair?.these cars are quite easy to do. HTH Harvey b
  3. Hi there,i had a similar problem when i rewired a 37 cadillac,it acted like your car,had the generator rebuilt,a couple of regulators were tried to no avail,it drove me nuts for 2 summers,could not shut the car off anyplace as it did not have enough juice to start after running for a while,battery was slowly wearing down,the last time i had the regulator and generator set up,the mechanic gave me a little drawing as to how it should be hooked up,what i had was different then his drawing,all my charged up juice was going no place,i had to switch my load and feild wires,it was the wire from the generator had lots of current,just no place for it to go to?it was a couple of years ago and my memory isnt great,and i cant put it into words what i am getting at,i think if you understand what i am trying to say,you might try this in your next step?,i had lots of current,it wasnt getting to the battery like it was supposed to,i was lucky to find a mechanic that knew how to setup the old system for me,ever since then the car charges great and is reliable to boot.HTH Harvey B
  4. Hi there,thanks for the replies,i live in eastern canada,there isnt a lot of trailer dealers up here,unless i want to travel 1000 miles or so.another question i have is how to tell a good trailer from a cheaply made one,they all look great when they are new and shiny?,is a one peice side panel better then the multi-peice panels,the rear ramp door,what to look for there,axles and wiring what should i look at?,I do have champagne tastes with a beer budget,i can live with some shortcomings however.I just want good value for my money.is there anything i should avoid on a trailer,seems to be a few here that have been imported from florida area that were used to move stuff here,now they are selling them to recover their costs,these are 2010 models,different makes,but similar to what i want,any tips are welcome. thanks Harvey b
  5. Hi there,i am looking at buying a enclosed trailer for moving my cars around in,am looking at a 24 foot trailer,anyone have any advice as to what is a better type,am looking at a frame hitch,or a 5th wheel type,is one better than the other,as for stability or control,am only going to use it maybe 2 or 3 times a year,will be used for storage the rest of the time,also what type of hitch should i get,torsion bar or trunion?,i have jist started to look at trailers and am unsure exactly what i need,just looking for some advice.want at least a 24 foot body to ensure i have enough room.am planning to haul it with a 2007 Dodge 4x4 1/2 ton,5.7 motor,was told it will have enough power,only planning to tow a couple of times a year?.Thanks Harvey b
  6. Hello There,I think that places that sell boats would have them,i would shop around as prices and sizes will vary,some of the bigger hardware stores might have them too.you could even try a flea market for a used one. HTH Harvey B
  7. looking for the 2 headlight chrome rings to fit a 37 caddy 60 series,lasalle of the same year will fit,not sure about the larger series cars,do think they will work,i have the lenses and reflectors.looking for these to complete my car. any help is appreciated. Harvey B
  8. Hello Adam,i would go for it,i run a bodyshop myself i cant compete with maaco's prices.Also you should be able to work with the shop as to remove the trim and bumpers,talk to the manager first and see if they are willing to do this.you should be able to get a decent job at a good price, As Maacos painters are pretty good at spraying.I would rather drive a car with a fair paint job,as opposed to parking it. Good Luck Harvey B
  9. the biggest difference in these trucks are the front fenders,all the cab should be the same,the hoods are the same,not sure about the rad support,windsheilds are the same fom 64-66 the 60-63 are different as they have a "dogleg" style doors and windsheilds,not sure if this helps any,but it is what i have found on these trucks. Harvey B
  10. hello james,i have a 37 caddy,with a v8,on my starter the only 2 extra posts are for the solenoid wires to attach to.i am not to sure what you are looking at when you see these 2 posts,the posts are under a little square cover on my car,the are at 90 degree angles from each other?the guy doing the rebuild should know what they are for,if he knows starters at all?.can you post a picture of the starter,maybe we can figure it out.starter brushes are on Ebay all the time,it is the solenoid that is very hard to find for these cars. HTH Harvey B
  11. I have 4 of these aluminum step plates that say Cadillac on them,they must be Repros as the mounting screw holes have not been drilled out,was wondering what years they would be correct for?,they wont work on my 37,they would hit the bottom of the door if i put them where they would go.Am thinking about selling them ,any idea what i should ask for them,need the money for my 37,as it is time to get it out of storage and start driving.any help is appreciated. thanks Harvey B
  12. hello there,was wondering if anybody here went to the auction,curious as to what stuff went for,or does anyone know where on the net i could get that info? thanks Harvey B
  13. Hello Robert,if you post the numbers on the body tag i can tell you what they mean,also your title numbers should match up with the motor number or frame number,is this car one you bought,are going to sell,or maybe part out,if you are parting it out i may be interested in some parts,or maybe you know of another parts car in your area? thanks Harvey B
  14. Hello Robert,the VIN is not on a plate as the new cars are,the motor number and the VIN should be the same if it has the original motor,the Vin is on the frame by the front suspension,looking down in the engine compartment look at the upper control arm on the drivers side,it is stamped on the top of the frame rail,you will have to scrape some rust and gook to see it?on the motor look at the left side in behind the head on the area where the bellhousing bolts to the blockthe numbers will be stamped in there,scraping with a wire brush may help,depending on the dirt or gook in there,both numbers are easy to see once you know where to look,on the firewall on the drivers side should be a aluminum tag,that tells the series and color and body number,that has no numbers that line up with the Vin.on the pass side was a tag from GM that was for patents? HTH Harvey B
  15. Hello All,still looking for some help with these parts,springs coming' i think. thanks Harvey B