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  1. I have a '31 Series F-10, inside the steering box is a preload spring...mines pretty mangled up...any ideas where to find another? Thanks.
  2. Thanks, I looked into having a spring made locally...after the sticker shock I came here;) I might just have to get creative;)
  3. I'm looking for the conical/beehive tension spring that goes in the bottom of the steering box for my '31 F-10, should be the same as a car I'd think? Mine wound it way around the shaft, I was going to try to "squish" it back, but figured it'd happen again soon. Thanks, Mike
  4. Thanks Bob, I found his website, but he only list's 34-up as well. You know, if this thing was a Ford, I'd be stumbling over parts...I think we older Mopar folks are gluttons for punishment;) Thanks.
  5. I bought a front and rear axle from a '31 PLymouth to use under my '31 Dodge Serie F10...frontend was a perfect fit, just needed to relocate the spring perches for the rear...and all's good to run some steel wheels... ANyway, I'd like to replace the tierod ends on the front for sure, but can't seem to locate a source...I tried Kanter and Roberts and they only list from '34 up. Any suggestions? Thanks, Mike
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