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  1. The News Leader, Thursday Afternoon, March 28, 1913.
  2. On the eBay. This is the link: old Photo NEG *chubby GIRL by fancy open door CAR* - eBay (item 140372959271 end time Jan-16-10 17:00:36 PST)
  3. This is the link: VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPH*OLD ANTIQUE CAR - eBay (item 220467763427 end time Aug-23-09 17:54:16 PDT)
  4. This was a quiz from Mechanix Illustrated. Can anyone identify these cars?
  5. There is a "site mash" of all eBay, Craigslist, etc. Here is the link: site mash : studebaker : combined classified and auction listings
  6. There is a Loewy exhibit at the old train station in Roanoke, Virginia. It has a picture of the Hupmobile.
  7. I can't buy the truck, but I have never seen an Indiana truck. When they renovated an old building in Richmond, Virgina last summer, there was a sign for a White and Indiana trucks.
  8. I went to a car show in Midlothian, VA (near Richmond)and there was an new Camaro, and an old one, and a new Challenger and an old Cuda. I think the old ones are better looking in my opinion.
  9. I went to a car show in Midlothian, VA (near Richmond), and it was cloudy in the morning, but cleared up by noon, and was very comfortable.
  10. This is from Motor Trend, February 1962.
  11. This is an old Pure Oil gas station, and the building today in Richmond, VA.
  12. When I was a teenager, I bought a Cadillac intake manifold with a 4 bbl. The ports were much larger that the ports on the my 53 Commander heads, so I spent about six months grinding the Studebaker heads. I put the manifold on the Studebaker and it bolted right on, and it ran, but I couldn't keep the air sucking between the manifold and the heads.
  13. My Father was much older than my Mother. He fought in W.W.I. He died when I was seven years old. I hardly knew him.
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 70 Electra</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Whoa! This is really cool! Was it as nice looking as it appears to be? Don't suppose you have the guy's contact info? Thanks, </div></div> Sorry, I didn't get the information.
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