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  1. Thx DodgeKCL looks like I've bought a 1931 DH manual for my 1930 DD with a 1931 desoto SA motor .... really getting mixed up here. Would anyone have the patience to point out the major differences with DH compared to DD? )i.e. maybe the manual will still be quite useful) Also would anyone be interested in swopping a DH manual for a DD manual (instruction book) ?
  2. Hi All. Quick question. Does DH serial numbers begin with 3,518,001 ?
  3. Thanks for that. Any idea what one should pay for such a car? I know you guys don't really like answering questions like this. It's in pretty good original condition besides possibly being repainted at some stage, 12V conversion done recently, and there is only a little surface rust on the floor board no holes. All instruments working. Breaks a little spongy - not leaking - maybe just need fresh fluid and bleeding. And it needs a new exhaust. How many of these D25's are still around?
  4. Hello Can anyone confirm if this is a 1946 Dodge by the pix? The owner says it is 1946 Special deluxe? I know zip! went to allpar - got confused when they said "Dodges had front fender shapes that carried into the door panels" for 1946 -1948.. the exhaust and brakes need attention - it is in otherwise good original running condition - (according to the present owner) Any comments welcome.
  5. Yes I went there and sometimes after the image loads onto the screen you can right click and have the option to "save image as" and other times not .. very strange. I persevered bit and clicked on right side of image to go to "next" image and then "prev" to go back and then it suddenly allows the save so you'll have to be a bit patient ..almost catch it by surprise. I would like to thank David Hochhalter for helping in resolving the engine number saga with the 1930DD. It turns out that the motor came out of a 1931 Desoto model SA. Mixed feelings I have right now... sadened by the fact that my Dodge isn't all that original... the joy of finding Dane's manual is somewhat dampened by the thought that it might not ve all that useful...and the new search for a Desoto manual will now start... And then my spirits lifted a bit when I found that the Desoto motor pushes out 72HP instead of 61HP which is quite a big jump in power (only 3HP less than the DC8) mmm... So i'm driving a probably late 1930 Dodge DD six with a March 1931 Desoto SA motor...ah well does this mean that i'm now only half welcome here and half welcome on the Desoto forum (haven't been there yet) ? Thanks again to David. (there are still quite a few things on the body side of things to "originalise") One frustrating part of being here in South Africa is for instance earlier today a complete motor and gearbox (DD)in good running condition was sold on ebay for just over $500 ....Arrrrghh... (pick up only) Good news is that a nice split room tool will be arriving in the post in about a weeks time ...So things are looking up. And Dane any pix you are battling with or anything in particular you would like a pic of, email me douglas@weddingsetc.co.za I like those pull down curtains and those rope things that the back seaters can hold onto ... are these pix going to be put on your site?
  6. Is it possible to use a gearbox from a LHD motor in my RHD car? I.E. is the casting different so that the handbrake and pedals can't be swapped around?
  7. Howzit Dane, I googled upon your site about a month ago and yes I cannot begin to explain the joy to see that someone was actually sharing an old manual- I mean that's surely what this internet thing is all about and your's is the only one I found. Only snag was that i'm on dial up (GPRS through my mobile) so was unable to personally download the manual (you forgot to resize the scanned images ;)So a friend with broadband is busy downloading - Thankyou very very ... much You refer to your extremely cool car as a 1930DD on your website but as a DA above? I am still trying to get confirmation that mine is in fact a 1930DD nobody seems to recognise my numbers (engine and the one on the firewall) meanwhile David Hochhalter is busy looking at a few pics probably as i write this. What I'll do is put a few pics of the door handles on the 1930DD page on my site, but they do look like yours. The thing is that the handles of the 1933 DP are different (on mine at least) from the DD and that is what i'm trying to get confirmation on. I only have one internal door handle [edit] and the one and only broken window winder - ?correct? I did put a few more pics of the DP there if anyone is interested, there are a few comments next to some of the pics that i was hoping someone from here would email me advice on eg there's a long wooden thing with a bracket on either side - For all i know it's a piece of someones old deck chair that somehow ended up on the back seat of the car. [edit]I have added the pics to the DD page Here
  8. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: nearchoclatetown</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> ... I see one of the rear bumpers even has the optional Ford towing attachment. .... Another Doug</div></div> ?? Looks like two sets of bumbers- Also have a Plymouth hubcap on one of the spares if anyone knows anyone that wants to swop me for a dodge hubcap? The window winder ? also don't know if it the correct type. Maybe someone ( er..Doug?) can send me a pic of each of the correct i.e. internal, external, window winders (rear window as well).. Ok to get her started I should?? I was thinking (guessing..)... firstly to change oil. disconnect fuel supply from tank and do a alternate makeshift fuel supply pour a little ..oil..down each plug hole turn over by hand slowly replace plugs clean all contacts (distributor cap) reconnect radiator To get power directly to starter? I see a few bare wires... don't want to really connect battery normally ...Any ideas ... welcome I could set up camera on tripod and if worst comes to worst leave instructions to post video on uTube showing me , the car and the garage go up in flames.. eh? maybe not
  9. Woodwheels confirmed the writing as stated above by dep 5 NCT, apparently it was driven into the garage in Kokstad approx 6 years ago.Last night I took the battery out (it is mounted on the LHS of the firewall) and behind it there were two plates. Top one unreadable, bottom (smaller one) had "DP 328668" stamped into it. The other number stamped into the firewall itself on the driver side (RHD) is "32524 RHD" I put another 21 pix on the website - need to click "next>>" under the google ad (not "next" on bottom of page). -Doug
  10. Thx Jim Ok there is a split rim tool now on ebay (please leave it for me as the seller ships worldwide - postage will be more than the article itself) I added a couple of pics to the website, the one is the metal cover /trim that you step over when you climb in. The other is some chalk text on the inside at the rear next to the window. looks like something to do with colour as I can only make out the words "brown" "RHD" the top word looks like "6 wire " or "6V live" middle word NO IDEA. And scratching around in the garage I found the 2 braces for the radiator.
  11. Ok thanks guys. (I'll edit the heading) I still need 1.complete set of internal door handles and window winders. (ok I have one inside door handle) 2. Steel trim for one headlight and two headlight lenses. 3. If you look at the pics you will notice that the pic of me holding the headlight, There is a round thing which I am assuming is part of the horn? Where could I get the rest of it (need both) But most urgently I need a spilt rim tool please I have been searching e-bay and they come up often but nobody wants to ship to South Africa. Can anybody assist me in this regard? (The 1930 Dodge DD has another flat.)
  12. HI all. Rercently acquired a 1932 Dodge (looks like correct year anyway) U can view a few pics her e weddingsetc.co.za Can put more pics (better quality) there if anyone is interested since everything still looks pretty original even the dark brown colour. Need all inside door handles and window winders etc but mostly advice on where to begin. Also need those criss cross stabilisers that attach onto the radiator under the hood. Please email me douglas@weddingsetc.co.za if you have any tips on anything whatsoever on how to tackle even the simplest of things. Regards, Douglas KZN, South Africa
  13. Hi all. I am in the process of ordering some stuff from AACA Library. They don't have a workshop manual though so does anyone know where I can get one. Also I need to have my leaf springs re tempered. Is their a weight/ curvature / strength spec to be adhered to? Can I use Ep 90 oil in the gearbox? Thanks in advance
  14. Can't find serial number over instrument panel. Does anyone have a list of numbers VIN made in other countries? Also does anyone have a template for the "Dodge" "6" (unserneath) badge that goes on the radiator. I'm going to assume for now it is a 1930 DD six. One more question. What is the correct axle cap for a 1930 DD? Mine has three different styles of caps. Can somebody email pics of correct hubcap to douglas@weddingsetc.co.za Actually any info on 1930 DD would be helpful. Regards Douglas
  15. Hello everyone. I'm Douglas in South Africa. Recently acqired an old Dodge and I'm utterly amazed by the strength and durability of the oldtimer. I took a bit of a chance in that all i had to go by was a few pics emailed to me by the seller (Jurg) and the response to two questions i asked him on the phone. Anyway I went up to Mulnersdrift near Johannesburg and drove it back to Durban ( approx 600km)It was running a bit hot and not firing on all cylinders but i took it very slowly (2 days) It appears the rings on two cylinders are not so good and the plugs are wetting up. A solid strong car nontheless. You can view some pics on my website Weddings Etc The first thing I want to do is confirm the year and model and that's where you guys could maybe help. The number stamped on the firewall is 7253 (VIN) and the engine number is B 4789 The other number which is probably a casting number on the bottom right of the block is 320029-2 and underneath 4980D. (raised letters) On the cylinder head is marked NH and SILVERDOME and close to number 1 plug is stamped 2-18 (date?) I also looked around the inside door arches with no luck (paint covering it). I looked under the front left spring at the back where it is bolted on is stamped " FL 983" and "8" underneath it all upside down on the triangular shaped mounting bracket. There is also a plate on the right hand side of the firewall that says ALLSTEEL and underneath that a whole bunch of numbers 15 in all in 2 columns headed with "patents". Anyone with similar numbers? Is it 1930? Is it a DD? Was it built in USA, CANADA, ENGLAND? Any info will be greatly appreciated. Douglas
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