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  1. Thanks for the additional info. Pretty sure I'm going with the 4.6, I have one out of a 03 squad car with less than 50K miles on it. Sort of a die hard Ford Guy.....I'll make sure to take some pictures as we make the change. I know I will catch some heat from some of the Lincoln purist, but I am going to try to cut as little as possible and am going to keep everything I take off the car. I just like the idea of being very dependable and the creature comforts I can add. I know everyone drove these cars coast to coast years ago, but there were mechanics that knew what a flathead was (let alone a V12). I thought about a Ford V10, but pretty tough to come by without brakeing the bank.. Thanks again for your input.... Lane
  2. Phil, Thanks for the info. Just to let you know the plan is to put a Ford 4.6 with a aod in the car. I have always been a street rodder at heart. The car is stock ( few minor changes)and will be at the Midwest Lincoln meet in Itasca this Sept. Then it is going to come apart for the change. Hope to have it back on the road by next summer. Want to keep the stock look, but want the creature comforts like air, power brakes etc. Thanks again Lane
  3. Hi, New to the Forum. Question are the front spindles on a 48 Contintental the same size / spec as a early ford Spindle. I have hopes of putting disk brakes on my car and there a a lot of kits for early ford. Before I start measuring I thought I would ask. Thanks Ladokap