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  1. Chuck, Many thanks for for reply. It appears I shouldn't be putting any oil in the crankcase. I had seen the 1911 manual on the maxwell-messenger site but the engine is is different to mine. My engine does not have the return feed to the tank or the wells under the con rods. It is as the engine pic in the 1910 brochure shown on the same site. The engine runs very well and without smoke if I reduce the oil level in the crankcase, but as the middle and rear mains are are oviously fed by splash I though I had to have some level of oil in the crankcase to start with. Many Thanks Willie
  2. Hi all, I have recently purchased a 1910 Maxwell model Q3. I would very much appreciate if anybody could advise me on the correct method of lubricating the engine. It appears from looking in the crankcase that it would need to have some oil for splash feed of the main bearings, is this correct?. If so how much oil is necessary, I have found that any more than half a pint results in a lot of smoke. Also what rate of drip should I set on the sight feed?. To avoid damage to the engine if anyone can help I would be very greatful. Willie
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