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  1. BTT - this car needs a new home. Will consider reasonable offers.
  2. I do have the original axle but am holding for another project. I would consider selling if required. Here are some interior pics.
  3. Looks like Portland, Oregon MacMarr Stores | Vintage Portland
  4. For Sale: 1933 Franklin Olympic 18A Sedan This car was displayed in the Bridgewater Museum on Rte 20 in NY for many years. Most of the mechanicals have been redone including a freshly rebuilt engine and drive train. The car is currently fitted with a Scout II rear axle with new 3.73 gears for better top end speeds (original axle ratio was 4.30:1). Aside from a modified driveshaft this a bolt-in installation using custom wheel adapters to mate the orinal wire wheels and give the correct wheel-to-wheel width. The paint and interior are in fair condition. This a very complete car with little rust and minor dents & dings. The car is located in North Carolina and the asking price is $10,500. Please contact Dan via email for more info and pictures: dfrussell@hotmail.com Rebuilt engine includes: New Egge 0.030" oversize pistons Re-bored cylinders New pushrods Re-ground crankshaft Rebuilt carburetor Re-faced flywheel Rebuilt pressure plate Re-lined clutch disc New poured main bearings Connecting rods machined and fitted for modern bearings Rebuilt fan with new hub material Timing cover machined for modern lip seal Other items include: Gas tank flushed and coated Relined brake shoes Rebuilt wheel and master cylinders New exhaust Rebuilt fuel pump New 6V electric fuel pump All new wiring New tie rod ends Rebuilt drag link New brake hoses
  5. I am the process of looking to have these made as I need a couple for my cars. I've talked to a couple of places about having these cast. The originals have the metal tab soldered on the back which seems to break off. I was thinking of having the new ones cast thick enough to drill and tap for small screws to hold the tab in place. I'd like to propose them as a Club project if there's interest. I'll post updates as I make progress on them. Dan
  6. Art, From what I have: Wheel Cylinder Kit - Wagner F949 or Raybestos WK-54 Master Cylinder Kit - Wagner F3613 or Napa UP1 Just rebuilt all of mine and ordered through Rock Auto. Hope this helps, Dan
  7. Another member inspired me to take my Franklin Olympic out in the snow earlier this year.
  8. Thanks John - I bought it just the way you see it about 14 years ago. It's about a 30 year old restoration. Unfortunately it hasn't had much time on the road since we moved it from NY. Dan
  9. Jay inspired me to get the Olympic out after our 4" snowfall here in NC today. It sure is nice to have the manifold heater on days like today! Dan
  10. Some REO models use Ross as well. My Franklin Olympics (same as REO Flying Cloud) all have Ross.
  11. Olympic33

    Olympic hubcap

    Are you restoring an Olympic? What year and type? Dan
  12. Hey Steve, The '32 looks great! I'm definitely not putting them on any of the Olympics.
  13. I have a Bob Green overdrive unit for my '33 Franklin. I believe it was mentioned once that someone took over Bob's operation and services the units. Does anyone have contact info for this person? Thanks in advance, Dan
  14. Anyone know of a source for distributor gears for side draft engines? I was once told that Egge had them but they don't respond to email inquiries for some reason. Thanks, Dan