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  1. Hi Tim, Both my 36 and 37 Packards were supplied by Leonard Williams, if you wanted to part ways with the brochure I'd really like to see it? Colin
  2. Here's another one for you. My 1936 Packard 120 coachwork by Carlton Carriage Company. If anyone has any information about this car please let me know. I believe it's 1 of 1.
  3. Hi Thanks for your help. In LA at the moment and have been talking to quite a few people about the Packard. Still going round in circles a little bit and I need to do more research back in the UK. Will keep in touch. Colin
  4. Hi Owen Just thought I'd send over a few more pictures. I'm starting to think that it might not be a British coach builder, perhaps French? I've looked through coach builders web site and that's where I'm getting that idea from. Any help would be much appreciated. Colin
  5. Can some one identify this european coach builder 1936 Packard 120 Colin
  6. i have a 456 and a355 spider what buicks and ferraris do you have colin
  7. Hi Everyone I've now sold my Buick collection and have moved on to a new venture into Ferraris after much pressure from my son who does not appreciate the beauty of old cars!!!! With the weather and lack of following and understanding of Buicks in Britain, I only took my car out once or twice last year so decided it was time to let someone else enjoy them. As a family, we have had some wonderful trips to the USA, sourcing parts and visiting car museums, from our first jaunt to the infamous Hershey to California from San Fransisco to LA stopping off at Bob's Autos on the way!! Our most recent t
  8. Hi I have got 2 x rear lights that need restoring but are all complete. Anyone interested please e-mail for prices and pictures. Colin
  9. Hi I have a 1924 Mclaughlin steering wheel for sale. Very good condition. Anyone interested e-mail me and i'll send some pictures.
  10. Hi I have some 1928 Buick parts for sale. 2 x sets of headlights ( 1 set restored and 1 set unrestored) 1 x rear light with number plate bar and Buick badge 1 x front number plate bar restored and painted black 2 x side panels with 2 bonnet catches attached, restored and painted black 2 x pieces of glass for headlights Please e-mail if you need prices and pictures. Colin
  11. Just got offered 4 90 Series Buicks, 2 1938's and 2 1939's. 3 of the cars are 90l's and one is a hearse. Just thought id share some pictures with you. Colin
  12. Had a really good time in Concord, the hotel was perfect, the weather was hot and all very well priced. Would like to thank everyone for bringing all the bits down for my 1931 90 series. Met loads of great people and saw some fantastic cars. Can't wait to get back to the UK to put all the new parts on my car. In Chicago at the moment and it's the wife and son's turn to go shopping!! Any ideas on car museums for me? Thanks again Colin, Kerry and Harry Voice (UK)
  13. Hi John You don't need to feel embarrassed. I've managed to find one here and can use that as a pattern for the other side. Just a few bits that I am looking for are: PAIR OF REAR LIGHTS DASH CLUSTER (any condition) OUTSIDE DOOR HANDLES INNER REAR WINDOW HANDLE OIL FILTER AND PIPES REAR LIGHT BRACKET WIND SCREEN WIPER MOTOR HORN I'm sure there are other bits that I can't think of at the moment. Look forward to catching up with you in North Carolina. Colin
  14. Hi Coming out to North Carolina and just wondered if anyone is taking any 1931 parts to the Buick meet at Concord? Colin
  15. Hi Just attached a few pictures of a 1931 McLaughlin Buick 90LX, registered in Edinburgh. Had a quick look for the registration numbers in the photos and they don't seem to be registered with the DVLA anymore. Sorry I can't help. Colin
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