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  1. To follow up on this, I did reassemble without the extra bb sized ball. Both of the ones mentioned above seemed to be where they should. I've since driven it several hundred miles and it's worked just fine. My conclusion is I had extraneous junk in there from some previous tinkerer. I've hauled it to our other home in south Texas and am using it like a daily driver. Causing quite a bit of talk around here!
  2. Just to close this out, I called several courier services. One, who's ad says they can move anything big or small anywhere, said they don't go there (16 miles away??), one wanted $500. 2 taxi companies wouldn't even talk about it, and a third picked it up and delivered it for me for cab fare! Then, fed ex boxed it, sent it off and their terminal sent it back. Said the local scale was off and it was too heavy. I was then stuck with it in the fed ex office, who wouldn't store it, and had a couple days to get it, thought I was going to have to drive up there. Found out my fed ex account is good f
  3. Thanks. This is about what I thought, but I've been wrong before and caused myself great headaches. I did lose one end of the chain while trying to get a wire on it. Better coming off than going on, I guess.
  4. I drove my 24 DB Roadster maybe 50 miles this weekend and the steering link that goes through the left hand spindle, the one that has both the drag link and tie rod end attached, became loose in the spindle. It goes into a tapered hole with a big nut on the other side. It also has a half moon key in it. Strangely, removing the key let it go in quite a bit farther, as it was getting tight on one side agains the key in the keyway, and on the other side against the round, tapered hole. I'm not sure that makes sense without looking at it, but suffice it to say, things didn't fit right. I have
  5. I'm trying to remove the generator/starter and have no manual, so I'm a bit hobbled. Got the chain off, all the mounting clamps loose and the lock bolt with lock nut backed off but get no movement. Inside, behind the chain, it looks as though there are two rings that are intended to be driven (unscrewed) off with a hammer and punch. I'm not getting that wild until I know what I'm doing. Can anyone talk me through it? Also, the little lock pin that holds the master link in, is it a standard part? aminie had a little pin with a rin on the end, single pin, not a cotter pin, and it looked like
  6. I have a 24 roadster as well, looks the same. I'm curious. I often see old hulks like this drug home, and I really get it, I would too. I wonder, though, if any ever get restored or put into a shape to be used, are they mainly yard art or?? Anyone have before and after pictures of any? I have a 24 Gardner roadster that doesn't look that different, although it still has running gear and wasn't buried, but I'm not sure I'll ever be up to getting anywhere with it.
  7. I am aware fed ex will do that, they'll put it on myaccount. My problem is getting it to the fed ex office. I talked to a taxi company this moring, I think they are going to do it. I'l know in a few hours. Local courier service wanted $495 to take it the 16 miles. Really.
  8. They will, at least fed ex will, but it must be packaged. It's a little more than the old guy is up to, either moving or packing. It was sold as pickup only, I assured him I'd find someone to do that. Today I talked to two local companies who would "ship anything, big or small" and one won't, one wants as much as a small car is worth to do it, admitting they had no expecations of me having them do it. I am not that concerned with losing what I paid for it, but fellow is rebuilding my original transmission and we can use the overdrive parts out of it to restore the original. I realize this is
  9. Forgive me if this isn't the proper place to ask this, but I can't seem to find anyplace else that might be better. I bought a transmission for my Airflow last fall located in Southampton, Mass. A friend of the family was going to pick it up and deliver it to the Fed Ex office in Springfield 16 miles away. They'll Pack it and ship it on my account. The fellow's father got sick, he moved across the country and the transmission never got picked up. The seller is old and feeble and unable to move it. I'm hoping someone in the area might be willing to pick it up and deliver it to fed ex. I'd pay a
  10. I always leave mine in 2nd or 3ed, whatever I was in when I start slowing down, until I come to a complete stop. Then all the gears have stopped spinning, since they are still engaged. Once stopped, you can easily slip it into 1st (or reverse if you're going to back up) with no gear clash, even if your clutch drags a bit.
  11. Best I can tell, the balls are both where they should be. "Choke" hasn't slipped. I really think I just had a couple flakes of gunk in it. The extra ball, which all indications are it is, threw me off. It ran quite well so I don't think the ball had come from there, it was just junk left from some previous guy. I hope! Got side tracked making an old flathead ford fire truck run so we can sell it, now hopefully I can put the carburetor back on tomorrow and see how it does. I got new generator/starter brushes from Myers today, I'll put them, maybe tomorrow too, in but Ihave slim hopes that wil
  12. Thanks. It occurred to me that even though it came out, it's possible it shouldn't have been there in the first place. I think I'll re-install it tomorrow and see how it does. I'm still curious about the intake option thing.
  13. My 24 Roadster was giving me trouble starting and I thought it was due to remaining crud in the fuel system getting into the carburetor. It would still run reasonably well, but was giving me dificulty starting it unless I primed the cylinders. Since I haven't solved the starter issues yet, this is all hand cranking. I've gone from starting first crank every time to great difficulty. Tonight I took it apart to clean it out. A little stuff was in it, not much, maybe enough to cause problems. But when I got everything back together I looked down and there was one bb sized ball left. I didn't s
  14. Thanks to Rodger "Dodger" and some technical papers he sent, I've got the starter figured out. First there were some connections not the best. After cleaning all that, it would turn over, but not fast enough to start. Then not at all. 12.8 volts on the input, ground on the output told me whatever wasn't going on was not going on inside. A quick inspection found new carbon brushes, not the copper brushes it's supposed to have. I have 3 more generator/starters here, tomorrow I'll get into them. Surely one has a good set of the proper brushes. If not, they'll get ordered. Thanks Rodger.
  15. I recently bought a 24 Roadster, great little car. Runs, drives and stops well. The only problem I have to worry about is the starter. It was built up by a mechanic, he died of a brain tumor about 3 years ago. His sons tell me the starter worked, but they think he worked on it again and messed something up when he wasn't doing so well. They tell me the starter worked well on the bench, but when they put it back in, nothing. The answers to a couple questions might keep me out of trouble. I'm looking at the wiring diagram in this post: http://forums.aaca.org/topic/247004-1924-dodge-sta
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