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  1. The one that is really leaking is the one that goes between the waterpump and the distributor. I backed off the nut last night, but didn't think that I had enough room to really work it over. I couldn't see anything that was compressing the graphite string down in there. I will give it another try though. Is the front shaft done the same way? Thanks for the help. jason
  2. Ok Chocolate, I know you have explained this to me before, but I went out to re-pack the water pump impeller tonight, and found that it wasn't going to be the simple job I remembered us discussing. I was under the impression that the packing could be replaced without removing the water pump from the vehicle. I don't think that will be possible though. So, I see where it seperates from the distributor, but where is the best place to seperate it on the front shaft. It appears that it goes into the chain drive housing, and that you will need to seperate that housing to make the repairs. Is t
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