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  1. NearChoc It is a V-shaped windscreen, it came on the car, I can't tell you anymore about it than that. Other than I wish it was 6 inches taller, hahaha. I usually find myself about eye level with the top cross member on it, which can be real frustrating. Had to lay off on the restoration work a little this year. The Army had me traveling a little and the kids were into sports, but it is still running and might get driven a little this coming weekend. I was going to try to make contact with Roy Brister this spring to see if he could help me with a few glitches, but I read his obituary on h
  2. Mine was a 1928 Ford Model A roadster pickup. Kept it for about 10 years and then let it go. But I still have a 22 Dodge Brothers Speedster
  3. Hey, Don't give up on your roadster, I have been working on my old speedster for 14 years now and still have a ways to go. A restored DB is special, because you can't just get online and order everything you want to finish your project tomorrow like you can with a Model A or T. Make it a family project and work on it together. My old speedster may not ever get finished, but in the eyes of the little girl behind the wheel in the attached picture, it is the greatest car in the world. And she will be the first one to tell you that it is "her car" not daddy's.
  4. 63 mph is about all I have had the nerve to pull out of my 22 speedster. But that was on wooden wheels. I haven't looked at their pics yet, but it sounds like fun, I would give it a try. I am kinda used to that speed anyway, the world moves kinda slow at 65 mph.
  5. Went to the Petit Jean Swap meet this weekend, and there was a vendor selling the POR 15. The price was $40/qt. Is that about average for it? If so what is the going price on the Chasis Black?
  6. Sounds like some chassis saver and a foam roller might just do the trick.
  7. Hey Guys Thanks for the suggestions, I am sorry it took so long to reply, I have been out of town. The chassis saver or implement paint might be the best option for me if I can get it in a spray can. I would like something that looks decent, so I would prefer to spray it over brushing on the stuff, I have never painted anything with a brush that turned out looking good. Not knocking the style of application, just my abilities to do it well. I know that some of those will allow you to paint over rust and not have to do a lot of prep work on the metal, which appeals to me. If anyone has an
  8. Hey Guys, I need some advice, I am doing some maintenance on my old car hauler. A little background here the trailer is 15 yrs old, and has a wrinkle on the left fender where someone didn't look before backing up. I recently replaced the bed in the trailer, and now I am wanting to paint the trailer. Now as with most of you, the trailer has double duty, it carries the 22 Dodge around to local shows, but also spends an equal amount of time carrying the little John Deere around when I need to till or bushhog for my folks. I started doing some research on paint, because I don't want to spend
  9. John, Thank you so much for this post. Sorry I have been out of town for a week or so and did not check the site until this morning. My email address is chopprjok2000@yahoo.com. Please forward me any contact info for Donna and I will get in touch with her. If you want to give her an update on the car, Jimmy rebuilt the engine this past summer and fall. He absolutely loves it. Jimmy and I worked together, and due to a medical condition he is preparing to retire, and he has told me that he is looking forward to spending more time messing with the Sears. Again, thanks for passing on this ema
  10. Guys in my opinion, spending time with the kids and old cars is just "Quality Time", to steal a phrase from the younger generation. My dad did it with me, and now I do it with my kids. It sure is better for them, than sitting in front of some video game.
  11. Hey Guys, Here is my contribution, daughter 8 and son 4 taken last summer with our 22 Dodge Brothers Speedster. My daughter is the owner of the vehicle. Just ask her and she will tell you that no matter what she owns the controlling interest in the vehicle. Has come in handy a few times when Momma thought it might be time to get rid of the old car. I told her to go negotiate with her daughter. She never wins when she negotiates with her daughter. HAHAHAHA!! Honestly I have had the car for 13 years and it is a member of the family. Chop
  12. Yes Sir, That is the same car. The friend of mine that bought its name is Jimmy. He thought it was a sign from God that he had to have it. It is a very nice car. He is having the motor rebuilt right now, it had some problems after we got it here. He is looking forward to the parade season this year. It will be a real conversation piece. Let us know if you need any further info. He signed up for the Sears site that was being advertised on here the other day, but he told me that he hasn't heard anything back yet. chop
  13. I flew in for a meeting at Ft. Indiantown Gap, got there earlier than I expected, so I had the afternoon to waste. It was the perfect excuse to visit the museum. Near, I know you live close by, next time I will let you know a couple of days prior to my arrival. Maybe we can take a look at your car. I enjoyed the entire museum, I took several pictures of the finned display for my parents. They were kids during that time period, and my dad still swears by his 59 Sport Fury. I really enjoyed the brass era display though. I have been helping a friend a little with his 1905 Sears, so I took
  14. Hey Guys, Toured the AACA Museum today. Was surprised to see that there are no DB vehicles in the museum. NearChocolate, I know you live up here, do they rotate the exhibits, or is this always the case? Either way it was a great way to spend $8. It was a nice afternoon of looking at some really beautiful vehicles. chop
  15. I don't know a lot of history on mine other than I bought it from a guy that wanted to race it in the Great American Road Race. He bought a Stutz and decided that this rig had to go. I bought it in 95, and I have done little to it other than drive it. It is currently yellow body, and black fenders. I have posted some pics before, you should be able to locate them in the gallery. If not you might look in the old threads of the Dodge Brothers forum. I am a DB club member, but I have never posted my pics there. Sorry I can't be of more help. chop
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