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  1. Never arrgued the point, we were simply clarifying the policy and stating that it is a good idea to register your plate sooner rather than later if you have a specific plate you would like to use.
  2. Terry, I won't be able to make it to Hershey this year. Do you happen to have cowl lights and the chrome trim band for a 1929 Packard 626? If you have other parts for a '29 626 (carb, starter, generator...) I'd be interested in those as well. My email is JBereschak@Comcast.net Thanks, John
  3. Penndot will only allow a given license plate configuration to be issued once (even if the plate is not currently on a registered vehicle). As long as a plate configuration is not officially relinquished back to Penndot they will not allow it to be used. Penndot used to require vehicle owners to buy new plates each year (alternating between dark blue and gold but with the same number). Since vehicle owners would receive a new plate each year with the exact same number there are many plates out there with the same number so if two or more individuals try to register the same number for their antique vehicle only the first one to file the paperwork with Penndot will get it. I had three plates restored and ready to go for my 1929 Packard just waiting for the YOM law to be passed and take effect. I drove to the Penndot office in Harrisburg on the first Saturday after the new law took effect and only one of my three plates was available. I was able to register the plate and it was a long wait for the YOM law to finally be passed in PA but the plate looks great on the car (like it had always been there). Hopefully this will be helpful to those who have not registered a YOM plate for their antique yet, Penndot has an option on their website that tells you if a vanity plate is available, the woman at Penndot told me this lookup really can be used to check if any plate is in use or if it is available. I checked and it does work. The link is as follows: https://www.dot3.state.pa.us/vehicle_services/vrvanity.jsp#top?20120913210857386=20120913210857386 Hope this helps! John
  4. Hi Steve, Any updates you can share?
  5. I'm probably getting ahead of things as PennDOT will need to work out all of the specifics but I was wondering, do you think they will allow the use of license plates designated as "Official" (see example below)?
  6. Thank you Senators Lawrence, Rafferty and White! This bill has been a long time coming but it passed! Bill InformationRegular Session 2011-2012 House Bill 1203 Short Title: An Act amending Title 75 (Vehicles) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes, further regulating antique, classic and collectible plates. Prime Sponsor: Representative LAWRENCE Last Action: Third consideration and final passage, March 28, 2012 (48-0) [senate]
  7. I sent the below email to Senators Rafferty and White last week, I will let you know what response I receive. Senator Rafferty is my local senator. Senators Rafferty and White, I would like to request your assistance to restart HB 1203 and bring it to the Senate floor for a vote. Currently 38 of the 50 states have laws allowing the use of “Year of Manufacture” license plates on antiques vehicles. Ironically, the largest antique automobile club in the world is the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) and it’s headquartered right here in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The AACA has over 60,000 members with Pennsylvania being one of, if not, the largest states for membership. While this may not be one of the most critical bills pending consideration, it is however important to many of your constituents who are hoping you share their interests and concerns. There are several hobbyist forums on the web with active threads following the progress of this bill, any support you can provide to influence the movement of this bill would gain you immeasurable goodwill. This bill has been proposed several times over the years to no avail, should you be the one to finally succeed in helping it pass you would gain the support of a very large voting block to help you succeed in your future endeavors. Thank you for your time and consideration.
  8. Wanted to buy - 1929 Packard cowl lights and trim band. Please contact Jbereschak@comcast.net
  9. Wanted to buy - 1929 Packard cowl lights and trim band. Please contact Jbereschak@comcast.net
  10. Legal issues aside, from a mechanical perspectivem does anyone know if it is ok to use Avgas (100LL) in a 1920s Packard? I believe this is basically straight gas (around 93 octane) with some lead added? Would this damage the engine or any of the fuel system components? Would this be a better alternative to E10 gas? Thanks
  11. PA Residents - please email or otherwise contact your Pennsylvania Senators and ask them to put forward a "motion to take from table" HB 1203 so that it can be voted on. If this bill is not acted on by the end of the 2012 session it will die once again. The bill is closer to passing than any time in the past and may not be this close again (it has already been passed by the PA House and Senate Transportation sub-committee). For those who have Senators that are up for reelection this year you may want to express to them that if this bill is not a priority to them, as it is to you, they obviously don't share the same objectives/priorities as you and why would you vote for a representative that doesn't share your objectives/priorities. The AACA has many members and even a few votes can help decide an election.
  12. This proposed bill is no longer on the Senate's calendar (next meeting is December 5th). The last action listed for this bill is that it was laid on the table. The Rules of the PA Senate as listed on their website define "laid on the table" as "Any bill or resolution on the Calendar not finally acted upon within ten legislative days shall be removed from the Calendar and laid on the table, unless the Senate shall otherwise direct" Does this mean that once again our representatives in Harrisburg have left this bill to die and have not acted upon the wishes of their constituents that have elected them? If so I think we should voice our displeasure in the next election. Let's show them what a force the AACA can be should we choose to vote with one unified voice!
  13. Jim, Can you tell me the name and location of the station that still has ethanol free gas near you? I'm about 1 1/2 hours east of Harrisburg and all of the stations I was aware of that had ethanol free gas can no longer get it. I used gas with ethanol (E10) in my '29 Packard and after only the second tank the alcohol dissolved the rubber gasket in the pressure regulator (it turned into a soft gummy substance) and I had gas spilling all over the garage floor when I turned on the electric fuel pump. I was lucky the car and house didn't both go up in flames. Ethanol in our gas will only destroy our beloved antique vehicles, as well as our everyday cars. The only ones that benefit from Ethanol are the lobbyists and corn growers. We have a very loud voice and powerful voting block if we stick together, please write your legislators and join the Sema Action Network.
  14. Guys, Thank you for all the great information. I'm considering buying one as well as opposed to having my original rebuilt. If anyone buys one I would be curious how it works for you and if it performs as well as it looks. Thanks again!