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  1. thanks for your appreciated support ... THAT was verrrrry helpful information regarding "updating" the clamshell mechanism :-). unfortunately i never had any linkages to move the clamshells - so i had to park the rivi, get out of the car and open them by hand :-/
  2. unfortunately i never had a working motor or struts for the clamshells so i was looking for alternatives instead of re-buying everything in the "bay":-)
  3. i had my 65 upholstery (presumably similar to the 64) done and neither foam nor seat covers are interchangeable between front & rear according to what my professional upholsterer said. he custom-made the foam by himself.
  4. that's very kind, thanks in advance for your support - i'm really keen to modifiy my 65 clamshells also to linear actuators and any additional info is verrrrry good :-D. best regards, dirk
  5. hi, dave gee showed on his FB page "1965 Buick Riviera" pictures of a project to move the '65 clamshells with 2 linear actuators. unfortunately he is neither on FB anymore (?) nor reachable via email. does anyone know if he is still around or how he is available for communication? how did he fix the rear end of the linear actuators to a certain point of the riviera (fender, frame, custom build mount, etc.)? best regards, dirk.
  6. thanks for your hints ... on the first glimpse the pressure relief looked good. i will take a second look at the relief tomorrow :-). this kind of unusual failure reminds me of the suddenly cracked "oil filter adapter" when i drove/cruised on our german autobahn.
  7. being not logged in for a long time because my 65 rivi ran smoothly all the years. last week on thursday a crazy event happend ... so i had to log-in into this forum again ;-). as you can see on the attached photos the power steering pump housing (cast iron part, sometimes called "core" or "insert") broke/cracked/burst during steering. engine & all attached parts were on operating temperature. my garage & i assume that the housing broke due to old age. the cast iron could not withstand the pressure any more and crumbled at the weakest point ... at the groove for the end plate retaining ring. the "core" is broken so the pump can not be reworked at Cardone, OPGI has a power steering pump backorder status of 30-90 days, summit offers universal pumps from Borgeson & March Perf. i have contacted also other sellers but none seems to be able to ship a '65 or '66 power steering pump for a buick riviera. does someone in this forum have an idea what to do so that the car is soon on the streets again? thanks in advance for your ideas, dirk from germany.
  8. pls. see attached a section of the engine compartment of my '65 rivi. red circled are the spring, the "over-the-linkage" bend and the connecting bolt (which has shims). on the other issues i can't help, sorry.
  9. the bended metallic tube on the middle right side of the first picture should run over the linkage ... not under it. the "bump" was meant for clearance of the throttle linkage. i did not see any missing item ... but i must note that i am in the office right now and can't be 100% sure. regards, dirk.
  10. hi guys! i have recently seen on an article on the EZ-EFI system. has anyone ever thought on putting this on a 401 nailhead instead of the carter 1x4BBL? or has it already been successfully completed on a NH engine? can't wait to read your thoughts and with BR, dirk.
  11. correct, that picture shows the PS pump support brace. see also page 8-28 (figure 8-30) of the 1965 buick chassis service manual
  12. hi alex. i fitted 4 extra heavy duty coil springs from in my 65 riviera. i changed shock absorber too.i a still very satisfied with the stance & the ground clearance because the look of the car appears very "original". please see the pictures in my public photo folder. unfortunately an airride system was fitted in the car before i put in the coil springs so i can't give you a feedback how the ride with extra heavy duty coils differs from the original set-up.
  13. i'll stick to the colors of mine ... white exterior with black deluxe custom interior. but black on black presumably also looks cool