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    Favorite Pictures of My Post War Buick

    This is a picture that I've wanted to post for awhile, but had to scan the original photo. I got married in 1998 and at the time my dad had two white Buicks, his favorite a 1980 LeSabre Limited and a 1993 Century. Who needs a limo when you have two white Buicks! I spent the day before the wedding cleaning and polishing both cars to get them ready, and on the day of the wedding, I helped the florist do her thing on the cars. I spent a lot of time in my youth cleaning and polishing that LeSabre for my dad! The LeSabre was all Buick, being the last year of the Buick 350, and was a rare color combination of white with a light blue vinyl top... which I've only seen one other time on a similar vintage Park Avenue.
  2. I think you might have good luck at your local upholstery shop. When I had to replace the headliner in the 78 Estate Wagon, I took it to a local shop and though initially concerned, they were able to quickly find the correct fabric in the same color (same color as yours). You might be surprised
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    My wife does this to me all the time... "it's too cold out there and my hair will get messy. I'll just wait for you here" And my personal favorite... "I'll come out for a drive with you if you put the top up!"
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    Love the pic of your father Roberta! Since we're sharing, here's a pic of my father in 1962 proudly standing next to his 56 Century in Tahitian Coral. He did love that car, and I'd love to find a copy of it.
  5. dmfconsult

    1980 Full Line Brochure

    Sounds good Keith, I’ll take it. Just let me know how you want payment once you get the shipping cost. Cheers,
  6. dmfconsult

    1980 Full Line Brochure

    Canadian or US$? I’m in Vancouver do shipping could be good ol Canada post.
  7. I’ve been asked by a friend to help identify a car in an old photo from her family. Caption on the photo is “Old Spanish Bridge”. Rear fender is quite distinctive and I’m thinking 1906 Cadillac? Not sure on my model. Can the experts here confirm? Thanks in advance! (And sorry for the quality of the photo)
  8. dmfconsult

    Help identifying car in photo

    Thanks guys! I believe that photo was taken in Jamaica based on the family history, so the Model T makes sense given production levels. The rear fenders and stanchions supporting the windshield (along with the white tires) are pretty distinctive features and seem to correspond with a 1911 Model T Touring. Thanks very much for your help!
  9. dmfconsult

    Any Buick related gifts?

    All things 1978 Buick!
  10. dmfconsult

    WTB: 68 Wildcat - new tail light sockets

    Excellent! If you need anything else, there is a fellow parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles which may have some parts you could use.
  11. dmfconsult

    MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Still Tuesday on the West Coast!
  12. dmfconsult

    parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Thanks... if they are both pitted, then I will pass, if they aren't I would take them as spares. FYI, the quarter panel emblems should also work on the trunk lid!
  13. dmfconsult

    parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    Thanks for checking, but I'll pass if they are rough. I appreciate you checking!
  14. dmfconsult

    parting out 2 68 Electra convertibles

    How are the "Electra" and "225" emblems. They are the same for 67 & 68. Also, does either have door edge guards?
  15. dmfconsult

    Best adhesive for late 70's/80's emblems

    ahh yes, the piano wire.. I had forgotten about that trick! I plan to put painters tape around the emblem to both protect the surrounding wood grain and to establish the position of the emblem. I will definitely measure location first as a backup.
  16. I was able to find a nice "Estate Wagon" emblem to replace one on my 78 with a broken "N". These emblems are stuck on the car with an adhesive and not pinned on like earlier cars. Any recommendations on the type of adhesive to use when putting on the new one, it sticks directly onto the di-noc woodgrain? I wouldn't want it flying off at highway speeds!
  17. dmfconsult

    Is this a worthy car?

    I think you hit the nail on the head... I'm not that old (47) but when it comes to long drives, I prefer to drive the 78 wagon over the 67 convertible specifically because I worry less about something going wrong and consequently I enjoy the drive much more. I'm getting to a point soon where I might be able to take the time and drive a car to a BCA nationals from here on the west coast to points closer to the east coast (+2000 miles one way), and the car I'm getting ready for those journey's is the 78.
  18. dmfconsult

    92 Roadmaster, not mine

    There was a thread on the station wagon forums from a member who pulled one of these out of a garage after several years of sitting and did quite a few things to bring it back to life and spruce it up. You might want to read through it as I'm sure some of it will be helpful if you're thinking about this car:
  19. dmfconsult

    Best adhesive for late 70's/80's emblems

    Just light heat with a hair dryer is all I'm thinking... just to soften it up. A heat gun will be nowhere near it! Or I could wait until the summer and simply park it in the sun.
  20. dmfconsult

    Best adhesive for late 70's/80's emblems

    Thanks very much Frank, much appreciated! Yes, looking forward to pulling the old one off! Luckily it's one piece, but still it will be a delicate operation with a bit of heat as I don't want to damage the di-noc underneath!
  21. dmfconsult

    Fire Extinguisher Recall

    This was posted on the V8Buick forum, and thought some of you might be affected. I know I have at least 2 extinguishers on this list: Earlier in November, a massive recall was announced involving 40 million Fire Extinguishers manufactured by Kidde. The recall involves 134 models of Kidde fire extinguishers manufactured between January 1, 1973 and August 15, 2017, including models that were previously recalled in March 2009 and February 2015. Be advised that some of the recalled extinguishers were sold under names other than Kidde (ie Fuller Brush, Honeywell, Montgomery Ward, Sears and other names). Here's a link with the Kidde Fire Extinguisher Product Safety Recall Information: Be advised that the link above has the list of recalled extinguishers. It also lets you submit your request for a replacement extinguisher after you provide your name, address, the model extinguisher and serial number. It verifies that your extinguisher is being recalled and submits your request for a replacement. If you do not want to submit your request on-line you can contact Kidde via telephone to find out if a fire extinguisher is included in the recall or to get a replacement: Contact Kidde at (855) 271-0773 between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Monday-Friday (excluding holidays), or between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. during the weekend to determine whether your extinguishers are affected.
  22. dmfconsult

    Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Thanks John. I don't go over to the AACA General Forum typically, but sorry for the duplication. Definitely a good topic to be pinned!
  23. dmfconsult

    79 lesabre, not mine

    Weird that the "chrome" around the gauge bezels is almost completely gone. I wonder if they used the wrong cleaner on them.
  24. Ouch! When I purchased my EW, the same thing appeared to have happened around each door handle. At every corner was a quarter sized piece of woodgrain missing. Given how clean the paint was underneath and the fact there was no residual adhesive remaining, the same thing must have happened. Luckily I have a small bit of replacement di-noc so on a nice hot day, I created some templates from tinfoil pressed into the gap and carefully cut and placed small pieces of di-noc in the 8 missing areas... tedious but easy. Given the age and weathering of the di-noc on the car, the match isn't perfect, but it does end up looking passable for what I use the car for.
  25. I believe I read that the HD cooling option included an integrated transmission cooler in the radiator, at least in 78 anyway. As for the tranny, it’s weird it’s not called out in the window sticker. Guess you’ll have to check the shape of the pan. If it’s square with a notch off one corner, it’s a TH350.