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  1. I've had my '90 Maui Blue Reatta for about 5 years and thought I knew every inch of it but recently my son discovered a new, and as far as we have been able to tell, an undocumented feature. If you unlock the passenger side door with the key it unlocks the drivers side at the same time. Or is this already widely known?
  2. Nice ride! (looks sorta familiar too, lol)
  3. My '90 Reatta had 71k when I bought it a bit over a year ago. The lady I bought it from was the daughter of the original owner and it has been babied its entire life. It now has 74k miles and I just gave it to my son. I just bought a 2002 Mercedes SLK320 which is also very low miles at 37k and if it follows Mercedes tradition it should last a long long time as well.
  4. Disconnecting the battery to reset the codes did the trick. Kicking the back bumper just gave me a sore foot The retrofit kit I bought came with 3 12 oz bottles of freon. So far I have added 2 and it is blowing ice cubes again. Thanks for the info guys.
  5. Hmmmm...I think the one under the cowl is the high pressure and the one up front is actually the low pressure. I installed the new fittings as per instructions and then tried to refill the freon. No go. Then I noticed the AC compressor clutch wasnt engaging. I know it was just before I changed the fittings. Anyone have any ideas?
  6. I am sure it has been discussed but I cannot find any results using search. The Service AC light has come on recently so I thought I would install the retroft kit to convert it from R12 to R134a. But for the life of me I cannot find the low side service port. Any help?
  7. I should have been more specific and said the locks were slow to open or wont open using the clicker or electric switches inside. Using the key or mechanical release it works fine. I think John in Sarasota covered all of my concerns about pulling the door panels. I had restored a '72 El Camino years back and getting replacement door panel clips was impossible. Thanks everyone, you guys are the best when I need info on my baby.
  8. I bought my 90 last summer and even then the electric door locks were slow to open and close. It got worse over winter and I was hoping it would ease once it warmed up. No such luck. I should just pull the door panels off and clean and lube everything inside the doors. I worry about door parts, especially plastic clips and such breaking though. They are almost 20 years old after all. Any suggestions? Oh and mine is a maui blue '90 with only 75k miles on it. Its a beaut inside and out and has been pampered its entire life.
  9. "more solid than a corvette" is a tricky answer. I had a '91 and it had a noticable cowl shake at certain speeds. Especially with the targa roof panel off. Of course it was accentuated by having a single piece hood and fender assembly. I have not yet ridden in a Reatta 'vert so i cant say from personal experience. On the vettes you can see "brushed" areas on the cowl where the seal from the hood rubbed back and forth when it had "the shakes" as I called it, lol. I did a lot of performance driving in the mountains with other guys from for a few years and so saw the cowl shake a lot.
  10. Great first post. I love to hear that sort thing. It really is too bad about the Reatta. It WAS way ahead of its time. I still wonder about the might have beens if Buick hadnt got cold feet back then about marketing to a younger demographic. Well, obviously we wouldnt have had to put up with almost 20 years of boring cars from them. I read once that the average Buick buyer was over 50 years old. Thats my age now (Im 52) but it still seems to be a "geriatric market". My last car was a corvette (my sons now) and I am shopping around for a nice CTS now. Cadillac has done a lot to shake off its old man image too. If Buick had stuck with it we could have had something like the new Wildcat (2009 release date) a long time ago. I can't decide if the back window looks more like the old Riviera or the mid '60's 'vette. Sure wish the Reatta had come ina targa top. I loved that in my corvette.
  11. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: TDman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Most cars with a "Targa" top have a common problem with stowing the top when it is removed. The only Targa top cars that have really had much success are the rear engine Porsche models. They have room for stowing the top in the front compartment. Fiat (X19) and some others have tried Targa tops but have not had the success as Porsche. T-top cars have a little better structural integrity with the bar down the center to tie the front and rear together. Most all removable top cars develop leaks over time. I would not consider having one if I didn't have a garage. </div></div> My 1991 corvette, well actually it is my sons now, is a targa top and doesnt leake a drop in the worst rains. I have often wished that Buick had made a targa Reatta. it would be beautiful. By comparison look at the soon to be released Buick Wildcat that will have a targa top.
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: TDman</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Tell is more about the new lights and show the pics. </div></div> I found the lights on eBay and got them for $20 and $17 shipping. They are new and the pic doesnt do them justice as they look very nice. But with that said the bulbs that came with them suck. They are white and painted blue. They were very dim and the paint started smoking anytime they were left on over a couple min. At first I was going to return them. The guy I bought them from turned out to only be 9 miles from where I live. I ended up buying a set of Sylvania Silverstar Ultra bulbs. They have a blue tint and are VERY bright. However, the black housings do not reflect as well as I had hoped and while they look very nice I am way past the age of willingly trading functionality (and safety) for looking kEwL. So I am not sure yet what I will do. Considering I just paid about $50 for the Sylvanias I will use them one way or the other. Maybe with different housings.
  13. It was a bad ground, you guys are great! The pic helped a lot Barney. Evidently the lights have been "worked on" before as they were routed completely differently from the pic plus they are minus the plastic flex tubing (cant remember the name) that is around the wire harnesses. I started checking the wires at the connector at the back of the light and the black ground wire was already 99.9% broken thru. A couple of wiggles and it was completely broke. I removed the old wire from the connector and reconnected it and it is now working *perfectly*. I should post pics as I just put in a set of black chrome halogen lights with Sylvania "Silverstar Ultra" blue lamps. Thanks again guys.
  14. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: MauiWowee</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I believe that is typical of a weak ground. </div></div> That makes sense. I will check that, thanks! BTW nice car you got there.
  15. My drivers side headlight is suddenly very dim. Switching to high beams makes no difference. The passenger side is fine. I have swapped headlights side to side and tried 2 other sets of headlights, same problem. I have checked the visible wiring and see no obvious problems. Has anyone seen this before?