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  1. If anyone is interested in the 1936 dodge airflow tanker please email me dasherrods@kc.rr.com I can take what ever photos is needed. Hate to see it made into rat rod or rust away.
  2. I talked to surrey heritage museum and they said that they was not interested in buying the 1936 dodge airflow tanker.
  3. I have a 1936 Dodge Airflow Tanker that is missing everything from the firewall forward and would like to sell. The Tanker part is in very good shape for it's age but is rusty. Both front doors are there but it was hit in the right front door area. Make an offer. Danny Asher dasherrods@kc.rr.com 913-727-5700 shop 8-5 M-F
  4. Sorry I took so long to get back but here are the pictures of the 1936 Dodge airflow Tanker that I own, time gets away from us and I am now looking to sell this project.
  5. I have just bought a 1936 Airflow tanker but it is missing a lot of parts. It had been wrecked in the right front fender door area. The truck is missing the front clip, motor/transmission, grille, axle. Amyone with any information would be helpful alot. Thanks
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