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  1. I don't think the Mango orange was the equivalent to Tor-red. I believe it was Hemi orange. Pretty soon I'm gonna have to trudge thru the snow and get my paint code.
  2. Mix that with Torrid Red and it get's real confusing. My Challenger was torrid red but looked orange.
  3. Well it looks like I need the same info that Dave needs Corey!
  4. I have the top building instructions. In fact if you do a search you should find it as I posted it years ago.
  5. For a first timer I'm impressed! Painting is the easy part. The prep work is a PITA! I can see why shops charge $5,000 to $10,000 to do a first rate paint job. It's all labor intensive. Your work is fantastic!
  6. Uh Oh...... Now the Black looks um, well, okay I guess........
  7. I am going with this one Steve because the height under the ramps is 6'-8". No bumping my forehead! Also if I feel like changing a transmission there's plenty of room. Good luck on your search! http://www.gregsmithequipment.com/Atlas-Garage-Pro-8000-EXT-L
  8. I'm not positive if this will work for you. Use this link: http://www.snydersantiqueauto.com/3322
  9. Don't forget the Rhine fresh air pump and mask to save your lungs!
  10. And I was just getting ready to start selling a few items.......... I have been on EBAY since 1998 but haven't sold anything in over a year. I guess it's time to read their fine print!
  11. Most Machine shops charge anywhere from $85 to $125 per hour. There are two castings that would have to be machined (Top & Bottom) I see about 4-5 hours here. That's why it's better to use an updated distributor and the only machining would be the body diameter and for the rotor shaft drive gear. Now your up to the same price as the Australian cast part.
  12. Ok DB17. Earlier today I must have had a senior moment. I'm back on track now! Here is what should be on your engine. Let's verify that first. Also a first name would be nice.......
  13. Sorry Roger and Jerry but we seem to be outnumbered. I have been a hoarder (Collector) since I was 5. My parents were depression kids and NEVER threw anything away. (Saved it 'cause we might need it one day) I come by this honestly. Here is my take on all of this: Rich Folk - They can hoard (Collect) all the restored cars and parts they want and everyone says "How Wonderful". Working Man - He enjoys the same thrill of owning a hoard (Collection) but is called names because they are not restored. Everyone says "What an eyesore". Rich Folks cars have always been out of my league ever since I can remember. Thats ok I am not jealous. The problem now is that the cars I hoarded (Collected) 40 + years ago have now become "Rich Folks" cars. They don't like people like myself owning those vehicles. (I am not worthy) and it irritates the heck out of them! I have to admit it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling everytime that happens. Just a simple Indiana man having fun on the forums! Gosh I love old cars!
  14. 1926 & 1927 are bad years for Dodge. A lot of mis-matched parts in this time period. I dare say that no two Dodges are the same. I have a 1927 radiator in my March 1926 built coupe without any fitment problems.
  15. Along time ago this problem was resolved by using the Bosch 009 Volkswagon distributor. A good Machinist can make short work of this and your supply of caps, rotors, and points are available anywhere. You should be able to find one in the $50 range. If you want to stay original and pay $125 for caps, $75 for rotors, $50 for points then give me your distibutor number and I will sell you one for $275 (Minus cap, rotor, and points) :cool:
  16. Well it's not a "Tourer" but a very original 1925 Sedan with disc wheels. Yours has 2 hinges per door and 1926 has 3. Does it run?
  17. Some 3/4" plywood, a sabre saw, a drill, 4 Beers, and a Saturday afternoon, and you will have 4 wheels to move your car around. Just my 2 cents...........
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