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  1. Great thread Dave! Unfortunately I wouldn't know where to begin. Most everything I see on the early stuff is Dodge specific. What I use now are old Thompson parts catalogs. They are very specific on what vehicles the parts fit on.(Valves, kingpins, tie rod ends, etc.) Let's see what happens!
  2. Just for the heck of it Ray have you checked your oil pressure? It almost sounds like the valve train is dry. I would use a new gauge to see what you have.
  3. Ray, Hard to say but at least it's not rods. They do not knock on a load because they are thrust to one side. Are all the valves moving? Almost sounds like cam to valve stem hammer. Without listening to it under various conditions it's hard to make a all.
  4. I have those all the time. The kinder phrase would be "Senior Moment".
  5. Beautiful car for $10K. Makes me think about getting rid of my stable of junk and buy one like the above. Spend my summer driving to car shows and touring instead of spending countless hours searching for parts and going thru boxes and buckets looking for that special window winder........ Bill??? Bill???? Wake up Bill you're dreaming again!!!!
  6. That's way up there behind the cheddar curtain! You are correct the price is right if you need an engine.
  7. For the fiber washer try looking thru some old carb gasket sets or some old car AM radios. Good Luck!
  8. I work for a company that recycles Aluminum. We melt it, put it through a caster, and roll it into coils for building products (Window frames, gutters, downspouts, etc) None of it flies to 35,000 feet or is used in the automotive industry. I take that back as we make license plates for 35 States. There is no way Ford would use our stuff on their F-150! I am not sure about steel companies (NUCOR comes to mind) and if the automotive companies use recycled steel. I'm sure they have the same "Mix" problems that my company has. In our case too much iron or mag. Interesting topic! One thing that baffles me is that the metal is paper thin yet a car hood can sit in the Arizona sun all day and not warp!
  9. It has been a long time since I heard any discussion on tension/compression! Thanks for the lesson Mike!
  10. In today's world the steel is of better quality and hardness. Heck the valves in my Overland are 2 piece. The valve is cast iron and the stem is hardened rod screwed into the valve head! To shot peen will give some sort of surface hardness but is a lost art. Flame hardening, oil quenching, and induction hardening took it's place. Good luck to you! Bill
  11. One way you could have cheated was to grind the journals 0.008" undersize, hard chrome 0.005" on a side (0.010" Overall) and then regrind to correct size. You can't argue with success on your new engine!
  12. What a great description Wayne! Thanks for taking the time to sit down and write it up.
  13. Appears to have good sheet metal. Too bad some of the Roadster specific parts are missing. Of course if you wanted to be creative I'm sure a couple of touring doors could be adapted along with a universal top frame.... Hmmmmmm... Maybe a Las Vegas Vacation?????????
  14. Congrats John! I do prefer the old white 5 gallons buckets under the sellers table versus the boxes! auburnseeker said it best, we are ready for the next 20K posts.
  15. I'm not familiar with the '25 water pump Rick. The one I set up for Ray was a '26. I used seals (Viton) that were for a 5/8" shaft and I think 7/8" OD. You can use one on each end (Lip faces the impeller) and use the packing on the outside for the original look. Use the original packing nuts but don't over tighten. I used Ray as a trial run to see how long they last. It appears they are doing the job!
  16. Bought my 1970 Challenger convertible in 1971 for $1700 when I was 17. It was in the mechanics lot of a Ford dealer with a blown clutch. I still drive the car on nice days. I will die with the car..........
  17. Drove past it when I went to Hershey to purchase my Overland at a private residence. I never saw an ocean of parts before! It seemed to go for miles! It's on my bucket list.
  18. Most machine shops have certain customers that they have to take care of in front of off the street work. Sometimes YOUR work will be put off for months! Try to find a retired Machinist who has his hobby shop in the garage. Word of mouth works best. Talk to some car clubs in your area. From the photo it looks like a sleeve would be best. Just my opinion.
  19. What a horrible video! - I can't believe they made the burgers with bare hands! All those people must have died from terrible diseases!
  20. Great photos Dave! Ya gotta love those old presses. I'm betting the ground would shake with every fender.
  21. Now you know where the interior of the car went!
  22. The engine is not a 1926. They start out with an "A" or "B". When I get home from work I'll check those numbers out. I'm sure someone else will kick in before that. Nice body on it!
  23. Mopar s 1970 model year High Impact exterior colors: (option code - Dodge/Chrysler-Plymouth) FC7 - Plum Crazy Metallic/In Violet Metallic (nicknamed Statutory Grape ) FJ5 - Sublime/Lime Light FJ6 - Green Go/Sassy Grass Green EK2 - Go Mango/Vitamin "C" Orange FM3 - Panther Pink/Moulon Rouge V2 - Hemi Orange/Tor Red FY1 - Top Banana/Lemon Twist.
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