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  1. I believe the product you are referring to is Cosmoline. Comes in a spray or in a gallon can.
  2. Ray, Not knowing your car number I see that engines after A875-380 used timing chains. You stated when using a timing light the mark was not steady. This is an indication of a loose timing chain at an idle. Just another 2 cents in the pile of advice! Bill
  3. Amen Brother! I stopped saving receipts at the turn of the century. Too depressing. Now I'm having fun spending my kids inheritance.
  4. You might get lucky and not have to buy pistons. When your engine builder measures the bore of the block your pistons might be in range. Then all you need are the rings. Chrome top rings were mentioned in an earlier post but be advised that a chrome ring is harder than your block. I always prefer an aggressive cross hone with cast iron rings. Builders choice I guess. If your builder finds bad parts make him show you whats wrong and why! Good luck!
  5. Yep. You have to handle the parts with kids gloves sometimes. Meyers should have your shaft just explain that it's a 1927 6V. (I think it's 5/8" diameter)Here is an exploded view of your pump.....
  6. Don't take me the wrong way! I was giving you compliments! Compared to the other work you did (On both Coupes)the water pump is a "Piece Of Cake". Love your work!
  7. You just finished painting your Coupe, rebuilding your floorboards, restoring all 4 wheels, converting the electrical from 6v to 12v, and your worried about a small water pump????? Piece of cake..........
  8. Jason would have been all over this! I miss his rants......
  9. The 20 amp ammeter is for 1926 & 1927 only with 6 volt. Better hang on to it as they are very elusive to find. The 12 amp is for the 12 volt systems.
  10. It probably doesn't matter if 1/4" is used. All I'm stating is what is referenced in the parts book. The glass you're measuring could have been changed in the last 90 years.
  11. The parts book lists the glass at 7/32" thick.
  12. I don't know Jack. I think old cars just follow him around........
  13. Nice work but I will be able to drink Beer while my pieces are being machined! It's nice to be lazy!
  14. Your tip is well noted Ray and will keep that in my "How To's" directory.
  15. Take your time Ray and think this out. Sometimes it helps to walk away from it for awhile. It's late where your at so sleep on it. It will all come together........
  16. So I see you have a pair of 1927 Dodge Coupes!
  17. Get a copy of the Dodge Brothers "Mechanics Instruction Manual". I believe Faxon reproduces this book. It will answer a LOT of questions for you!
  18. I have two 1926 Coupes. Both engines are approximately 72,000 higher than the VIN. Both are "B" engines. According to your data plate in the photo you have a 1927 Coupe which began with serial #A-702243. The "C" engine began approximately with #A-708560. Looks like the original engine is in your 1927 Coupe!
  19. Here is a photo that might be your engine Ray. Count your main bearings. It also shows your oiling system.
  20. Beautiful Wood work Rogillio! After several years of collecting Dodge Brothers parts I have finally purchased a wood top from a Coupe from a Street Rodder. The wood is in very good shape so measurements can be taken on all pieces. I am currently drawing it up in AutoCad. To handle the parabolic curves I also purchased a CNC Milling Machine. Once programmed I can make perfect copies every time. I never cut wood before so I might need help from the experts about grain direction and types of wood used. The plan is Ash (If any left in the States) After being a Machinist for 40 years what do I do? I buy machinery to play with during retirement! (4 years, 10 months, 0 days to go!)
  21. I have had the same thing happen to me. Drives me nuts! If you refresh it goes back to page one. I thought my JAVA script developed an attitude.
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