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  1. I'm sorry they run you off Mark. It's too bad they don't have a section in the forums for the Dodge Brothers Street Rods. Nothing they said is a personal attack on YOU! They are mad at your Car! I love rolling in the dirt with these guys because it gets their blood pressure up and keeps them youthful. They are PASSIONATE about their cars and love them more than their wives! I respect that. Hang around a while and let the dust settle. In closing I will tell you that I have been collecting Dodge Brothers parts since 1998 and my best source is EBAY under model A parts. Why? Because when there is an estate sale everyone thinks the only old car made was a Ford. I found a trunk lid for my 1926 Coupe last fall in the model A listing. It might work for you! Bill
  2. Sounds Good Mark and an interesting story about the engine! Show some pics! dc-8dave is on the right track about the trunk lid. Because it's a rod you can be creative and get by with anything that looks good.(Or bad if it's a rat) I myself am rodding a '26 Coupe but I also have an original '26 Sedan so they only like me half of the time! Bill
  3. Beautiful photo! Looks like the radius is bigger than a 1/2" and more like 3/4" to 1". More than likely the washer has a press fit so the lines are clean instead of goobled weld. Bill
  4. Great photos hwellens! Looks like the ends are turned down to 3/8" and uses that shoulder for a tight fitting washer to go up against. I am guessing the radius of the bend is 1/2" and the washer diameter is 3/4". I need to make two of these. One will be stainless for the hotrod 4-door and the other one will be #1025 cold rolled for the Coupe. If you guys can confirm the washer diameter and radius I will draw this up in AutoCad and post the print here on the forum. Bill
  5. Ok, its been over a week. Maybe I was asking for too much. I will start off slow and ask for just the diameter of the headlight bar. Could anyone give me this? I will fake the rest! Thanks!
  6. For lack of a better term I will call it a headlight tie-rod! After years of searching and missing out on auctions I have decided to add "Blacksmith" to my list of occupations other than Machinist. Does anyone have a drawing of this rod with all dimensions that I could get a copy of? Maybe some close-up photos with measurments? Looks simple to make but I don't have a sample to work from. Many thanks guys! Bill
  7. Very Nice! A lot of hours went into it! Bill
  8. Living in the central midwest has been good to me for rescuing old cars but because of the cost of fuel this has become a thing of the past. My tow vehicle gets 8 MPG and the round trip for me would be 1300 miles. Do the math and that ends up being $650 PLUS wear and tear and two days time. I do it to try and make a few dollars and in the same time I am saving a car by selling it to someone who does not have the means to retrieve it. Not enough money to be made here. Just my 2 cents....... Bill
  9. I just caught this thread and it sparked interest. May I have a copy too? Many Thanks, Bill
  10. My money is it being a 1926. 3 door hinges gives it away. I believe in 1925 they only had 2. Nice car! Machinist Bill
  11. 5 posts in almost 3 years.... I'm just naturally blabby I guess.... Your instructions have been sent. Bill
  12. Sharpen your saw blades....Instructions sent..... Bill
  13. Dave, Instuctions sent to you. I'm waiting for Coryvette to respond so I can send it to him. If you get those photos of the top reconstruction can you pass them along to me so I can add it to what I have? Bill
  14. I have the instructions scanned and waiting for an email address to send it to.
  15. Pictures are worth a thousand words! Count me in! I will look this weekend for the roof wood patterns that I got for my '26 4-door. Bill
  16. <img src="http://forums.aaca.org/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />I have a 1924 Engine, A85-176, that looks to be original with primer cups. Is this possible, or, a head change sometime during history? Thanks in advance, Bill
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