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  1. My late '26 coupe is set up the same way with white faced gauges. Dodge didn't have a keyed ignition. I guess they figured the trans lock was sufficient. Nice Coupe!
  2. 1924 1925 1926 Dodge Brothers complete drum to drum rear differential for disk wheels only! Internal condition unknown. Plan a road trip or I can deliver up to 250 miles from 47963 pre-paid at 50 cents per loaded mile. $350. Machinist Bill
  3. Everything you wanted to know about Universal joints from 1914-1921.......
  4. I also see assembly 5223 which has bushings. 2506 does not have bushings.
  5. If it helps Doug my 5th Edition (July 1st, 1921) still shows the "Universal Joint Assembly" as 2506. Bill
  6. pstork Members 0 2 posts Posted July 3, 2015 In 1914 the first engines were black. The color of DB engines after the first months was always described as "gray." The paint used would develop a green tinge when exposed to heat and oil over many years. This is seen in certain Packard and Hercules engines, which start off medium gray. Romar is a good company, but has innocently misled hundreds of engine restorers with a little misinformation. Recent Dodge TV adds perpetuate another error showing an early DB car with varnished wooden wheels. The varnishes available a hundred years ago were not very durable. Hence the wheels were painted blue, with zinc-plated rims. If Chrysler Corporation cannot get the facts straight, we should not be hard on fellow restorers who get things wrong Paul Smith Absolutely True unless someone can post documentation that proves otherwise........... Bill
  7. I guess we can start with: "Did it have a nut on it before you started?" If not then it sounds like someone hammered on the end of the axle shaft and slightly mushroomed the end. One way to verify is to use a micrometer or a dial caliper and measure the outside diameter of the threads on the end and then measure about 1/2" from the end and see if there is a difference. Bill
  8. Hello Dave! I'm glad you chimed in. I have a 1927 Rear that I haven't checked yet (Laziness) and will take some photos. I am also going thru some DB owners info manuals and seeing what differences there are. Mine has the coned drums that 24' thru 27 have. I will confirm the splined drive shaft. I will also look into the arm that sticks out. Do you have photos of this "Arm"? Nice to hear from you! Bill
  9. Thanks Matt! I might list it as a 1924 thru 1926 only because I'm not sure about 1927. I still have some research to do....
  10. That's a start John! I dated it a 1923 because it came with an engine with primer cups. The date on the engine was 1924 but everyone stated that 1923 was the last year for primer cups on the head. Thanks for your reply! I still have that engine somewhere...........
  11. Decided to clean out my barn and discovered a long lost axle assembly. I believe it to be a 1923 set up with disc wheels. I want to list it for sale but I want an accurate description first. Any experts out there that can help me out? Any identifying numbers I should look for? More photos needed? Thanks everyone! Bill
  12. That's why I mention the home improvement stores. I try to remember to look at what they have but I don't DARE go near the kitchen area of the store when the wife is with me ....... Bill
  13. It looks like this....... Same in measurements as "Restoration Supply" item MOU052. $20 for a 4' length. That being said I have heard others have bought the same thing at Lowes, Menards, Home Depot, for counter top trim. Material - Aluminum. 1/4" inside. 7/8" Wide.
  14. nearchoclatetown is correct. So far I have photos of 3. The National 955 looks to have had painted trim, smaller lettering, and the logo is not "White Filled". Then the stainless or nickle 955-G & 955-N that Surf City 38 just posted. Notice that the logo is "White Filled" on both.
  15. Now you can't say that anymore...............
  16. Working on 93 year old vehicles I found that this is the most helpful tool......
  17. If it's a 1926 you probably need this very elusive cap........ They show up on EBAY now & then but you have to be quick. An alternative would be to change the neck on the tank to fit a plentiful cap. Just my 2 cents.
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