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  1. Still hanging around here! Needless to say haven't done a thing to the car since last fall. Sadly, this past winter was the first time in the car's history that it was parked outside over the winter. Too many cars, not enough garages. But I did buy a good (i.e. expensive) car cover for it, and it was parked right by the driveway in the backyard so it was protected and we kept a good eye on it. Seems to have made it through winter OK. The good news is I bought a small commercial building -- basically it's a 6 unit mini-storage with an apartment on the backside and a HUGE garage off
  2. No, I've never done a compression test. I'm kinda basing my analysis on blue smoke and that it will crank and start up with a very weak battery. It's probably got maybe 4 hours of running time on it in the garage over the past 18 months. Still smokes like holy hell. And I recall riding in it as a teenager -- I'm guessing around 1972 -- and it smoked a LOT then. My Uncle who had been keeping tabs on the car had taken it out for a ride while we were there visiting. Grandma wouldn't even ride in it because it smelled so bad. I would have been about 14 then. I remember conversations about worr
  3. Egad! I'm back. I'll try to make this brief. After Dad passed away a year and a half ago I really lost my drive to work on the car. I was really dedicated to getting it on the road to give him a ride in his car before he died. Didn't make it. But he got quit a kick out of the fact that it was out of storage, was running, and that I was working on it all the time. After Dad died I was very busy taking care of Mom who would up in assisted living with pretty severe dementia/Alzheimer's and Mom passed away last December. But this spring it's going to be time to do something. Clearly I am not
  4. So what's the scoop on removing the radiator? R&R of the radiator doesn't seem to be addressed in the shop manual. Is it simply a matter of removing all bolts associated with holding it in? Is it necessary to remove the hood completely to get the radiator out? Or will the hood swing up far enough one way to get it out? The local radiator shop indicated that yes, they can indeed repair or even recore the radiator. Not that I'm going to pull it out in the next day or two as it's mighty cold up here. But when a decent day hits us I want to be prepared. Which brings up another question.
  5. Many of you may have read that Mom passed away on December 10th. It's been a tough holiday but I'm recovering. Now my interest in working on the seems to have been renewed. About all I've done on it the past year was replacing the brake light switch which of course solved the problem there. I was kind of up to my eyeballs taking care of the folks the past year. Next on the list is to have the radiator addressed. When we first got 'er going I didn't notice any leaks, but now that it's been run a bit there seem to be several. Used to be a pretty good radiator shop just a few miles away but th
  6. Thanks all for the thoughts and prayers. Perhaps the somber mood will lift by spring and I'll get back to work on the car. As it is right now you can turn the key and start it, back it out of the garage and take it around the block, and that's not bad considering it sat for 35+ years! Tim in Bovey
  7. I just wanted to add to this thread that Mom passed away this past Wednesday, December 10th. They never got to ride in the Roadmaster again but they did see it come back to life. Tim in Bovey
  8. Greetings from a fellow '51 fan. Oddly I find myself in favor of the old school plan. Fix it up, drive it, absorb the vibe, and go from there. My '51 Roadmaster (which my Dad bought new in '51) is all original except for the spotlight, foghorn, steering wheel knob and trailer hitch -- all installed by my Dad in the 50's. The car has 174,000 miles on it, all driven the way it was built from the factory, which include an awful lot of below zero Minnesota winters, and a road trip to the New York Worlds Fair, California, and all over the midwest. If 6 volts got it through all that, it should be
  9. You may have noticed on this forum in another post that Dad passed away this past Friday morning, and I won't go into that here. It wasn't unexpected following recent issues but still sad. Ironically the funeral tomorrow brought my Son up from Kansas yesterday, who went right to work on the car today. The fuel flow issue is solved with replacement of the fuel line from tank to fuel pump. We also discovered a leak around the filler pipe joint on the tank which we only found because he had the passenger side of the car lifted only, sloshing gas to the drivers side where it was dripping very sl
  10. Wow. Just Wow. First, thanks for noticing, and yes, it's been a tough Fathers Day. Dad passed away early Friday morning after several days in the hospital then two days at the nursing home where we had hoped for more healing that just wasn't going to work out. He passed peacefully in his sleep and Mom and I got to see him and talk to him in his final hours. He was not able to speak back but could understand us and squeeze Mom's hand to let him know he could hear her. I won't go into the medical details but we can chalk it up to old age. He was 86. Services are tomorrow, June 16th. A small
  11. Yay! Another '51! (See my thread on Bringing Back Dad's '51). According to Pop (who bought the Roadmaster I'm working on new in '51) those rings for the bomb sight hood ornament were often broken off by guys who used them to make bracelets for their girl friends. Don't know how that would work out as I haven't looked at it close enough, but Dad was always very protective of his and watched for hoodlums out to impress their "chicks". That what he says anyway, and he was there at the time! Anyway, gonna be fun watching another '51 being saved. Tim in Bovey
  12. OK, good to hear about Tanks Inc. I'm thinking I'll just get a new tank and have the mechanic down the road install it, along with a new line. I messed up my shoulder installing kitchen cabinets/counters at my daughters place two weeks ago and I'm not up to getting the car up on jacks again and trying to do it myself. The local old time mechanic is highly recommended. Talked with him last week and he indicated it wouldn't be a problem. Attached a couple snapshots of how she looks today, out of the garage for the first time in a year! Tim in Bovey
  13. I also noticed in the video that the brake lights did not come on, and I know they worked fine when I first put a battery in the car. Odds are I didn't reconnect something after the brake work. I'll check into that. Well, my fuel flow troubles are clearly in the line or the tank, and nothing I didn't sort of expect. Although we ran the car quite a bit in the garage, this would be the first time it's been running and moving, so I imagine we knocked some crud loose someplace once gas was allowed to slosh around. She runs just fine off a can of gas on the floor. I'm thinking the easy and best
  14. It definitly needs to have the carb rebuilt. I've done nothing to it at all except spraying it with some Gumout while it was running yesterday. The accellerator pump squirts nothing, so getting it started takes a spritz of starting fluid. That and a burned out left blinker bulb, and it's pretty much driveable. Exhaust and brakes are all new now, tires all new, fluids all renewed. So now, it's just basically some careful local driving to see how she holds up. It was sure smooth until it quit yesterday! I'm wondering if I was simply out of gas! First time it's been running off the jacks.
  15. OK, here's the message I sent to the ebay seller: "Number of questions about this photo. First -- from where did you purloin this photo of my MOM standing next to my DAD's Buick? We OWN this slide, it's RIGHT HERE in my hand, the ORIGINAL Kodachrome. It has not been published, offered for sale, or given away. Although Mom (85 years old this Friday) appreciates being called a "Hot Lady". You have violated our copyright, you are LYING in this listing as you couldn't possibly have made the print from the original as it's ours and we have it. I am in the process of restoring this car -- Dad bo
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