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  1. Started the day out in the Sportwagon, then switched to the Riviera GS! 65 was a fantastic year! Enjoyed the ride!...
  2. A very 1970s color combination - I remember seeing this combo on a lot of new cars during that era. Overall a nice car!
  3. I hope this one finds a good home! I have a soft spot for the 61 E225s and this one looks like its all there; the rust on the lower fenders should be manageable...pictures of the under belly would be helpful in determining how far the body rot has gone. Wish I had room and appetite for 1 more...
  4. I ordered rear springs for my 65 Sportwagon from Eaton, and am very happy with the results.
  5. Took Sportwagon for a coffee run this afternoon. Got several thumbs up!
  6. I think the Wildcat was built on the 126 inch Electra wheelbase in 67 and 68, even though it shared its roofline and body contouring with the smaller LeSabre. The Riviera was on a 119 inch wheelbase. So there was a size difference, and the Wildcat was somewhat positioned as a sporty and more youthful alternative to the Electra 225. Equipped correctly, it could be quite stunning. As the personal luxury market was heating up it would make sense that Buick push the Riviera as its "sport/luxury" champion. In general, though, the market was moving away from their full size sporty entries and repositioning those that remained more as luxury cruisers with a somewhat sporty twist, and the Wildcat got caught up in that trend. The 'cat went back on the smaller LeSabre wheelbase for 69 and 70. I kind of find it surprising though that buyers of the sporty models seemed to be content with bench seats rather than the buckets/console. Buick began putting the bench in Riviera in 66 in response to customers who did not want the buckets. I think base model Rivs had a straight bench starting in 66 rather than the split back "strato" bench with a center armrest - not very desirable IMHO. As John D notes above, it wasn't uncommon for the GS to be equipped with a bench seat.
  7. I had a friend who was the original owner of a 67 Wildcat 2 door hardtop, with bucket seats, console and fender skirts - man, that was a sharp car with loads of style and presence. She drove that 'cat into the early 1980s at which point she traded it on a 2 door Regal. I didn't like the 68 as much because it lost the Wildcat trademark grille. I think I've seen a few 4-door hardtop Wildcats that had bucket seats and at least a consolette - that set up was also quite nice IMO.
  8. Sorry Scott...I purchased the sign a few months ago and hope to hang it in my new garage at some point in 2021! Are you an Opel fan?...and Happy New Year!
  9. Had the 65 Sportwagon out for a spin this afternoon and evening
  10. My wife and I went for a nice cruise in the electra 225...nice to have it out and about
  11. Put a few miles on the Sportwagon this afternoon. A number of people asked about it! The skyroof wagon does make people smile 😄
  12. Suddenly it's 1965 again! Got the Sportwagon and Riviera together side by side!
  13. Brought the 65 Riv home from the body shop on Saturday. It is now back to its original factory color...looking great!!
  14. John, Is this sign still available? If so, I'll message you to discuss further. Thanks.
  15. My 65 GS is getting closer to being back on the road. Completely stripped down to bare metal and repainted it's original seafoam green. I'm getting excited. Thank you Psycho Billy Customs!!
  16. I agree! Fender skirts don't work on the 54-57 Buicks with the full rear wheel cut-outs!
  17. Very moving video...I too never knew him, but was touched by the video memorial . Definitely a prince of a man who loved and was loved by many. May he rest in peace...
  18. I believe the Riviera name was also used on the 4 door 6 window hardtop (no b post) through 62.
  19. In the 1960s, the Howard Buick building was home for Jordan Buick, Jordan-Turner Buick and later Marshall Turner Buick. I grew up in Berkeley, and that is where my dad had his Buicks serviced...beginning with the 57 Roadmaster 75, then the 61 Electra 225 and finally a 65 Sportwagon. After housing Marshall Turner Buick, the building was picked up as extra space for Maggini Chevrolet which had its main showroom around the corner. There was never another Buick dealer in Berkeley after Marshall Turner closed around 1970 - had to go to neighboring Oakland or Richmond for Buick sales/service.
  20. My 61 Electra 225 has a shroud and has AC
  21. Ed, what were the notable conclusions of the comparison? Thanks!
  22. The 63 MT COTY was the entire Rambler line, including the completely redesigned Classic and Ambassador. For a few years, MT was awarding the COTY award to a complete line rather than a specific model. 1964 went to Ford, and 1965 went to Pontiac. Wonder what the thinking was at that time! They resumed designating a specific model with the 1966 award going to the Toronado. The Riviera got the award in 1979!
  23. I began dismantling my 61 Electra 225 shortly after I bought it in 96, got it off for blasting and painting in 97, and got it back from the paint shop in 98 - just a body shell with the engine and tranny reinstalled. I did what I could in reassembly over the next several years, in bits here and there, but hit a brick wall where I didn't have the know-how to go any further. So it sat untouched for 5-6 years until I found a shop that could complete the work. I had it hauled to the shop in 2012, and finally got it back on the road in 2016 - I wasn't in a hurry at that point, and we had a lot of back and forth locating additional new parts that made sense to replace. It was worth the wait! Although a 20 year restoration project is far from ideal, the joy is still there once the car is back on the road. So my vote would be to hold on, chip away as you have time, and look forward to the day when it is completed. Your kids will be a part of the journey and they'll likely get a kick out of finally riding in the big Buick that was a collection of parts through much of their childhood.
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