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  1. mp67riv

    1962 Skylark upholstery question

    I've gotten fabric from SMS for my 61 Electra 225 and 62 Olds Jetfire. Very satisfied with their quality.
  2. Fantastic! Thank you, and I will call and ask for Jack.
  3. mp67riv

    Dynaflow Tips, Trick and Problem Resolutions

    Chris, you give good instructions for draining the TC. Is there any trick to properly refilling it?
  4. mp67riv

    1963-65 Riviera Parts Inventory

    Do you have the right passenger side rear armrest piece (metal frame covered in vinyl)? Thanks!
  5. Does anyone have a reference for a transmission shop in the DC metro area that can work on a 61 Electra 225? I have a couple of things I'd like to get checked out - most importantly, a delay in going into gear when cold (fluid levels look good) and a slight shudder when starting from a stopped position after driving for 30 minutes or so. Thoughts/insights are most welcome! Thanks!
  6. I think my 61 has a beautiful dash layout, with the mirror-matic speedo and center stack layout that in my opinion, was ahead of its time...
  7. mp67riv

    1964 Buick Electra 225, 30k original miles, $15K obo

    I've had good success using Hemmings, and have both bought and sold cars through a Hemmings ad. I encourage you to set up a Hemmings ad, and attach several pictures; you will get a national (even international) audience through Hemmings. Your car is beautiful! I own a similar Electra 225, with mine being a 61.
  8. Had the 61 deuce and a quarter out for a short drive last evening. The 401 nailhead has been rebuilt and she seems to be a happy camper now!
  9. Wow, Seafoam's touched up console looks great. I will seek out a paint jobber and see what they can do. Thanks much!
  10. I'm looking for paint to refinish my center console and front door armrests (custom interior) for a 65 Riv. My interior is dark green. Anyone have ideas as to where I can locate such paint? Thanks!
  11. mp67riv

    this is my opel! show yours!

    Thanks! I agree with you that the Manta is a blast to drive. I'm happy to have it back on the road!
  12. mp67riv

    this is my opel! show yours!

    Here are a few pics of my 74 Manta Luxus, which I've owned since 1979 and is affectionately known as "Hooptie". We've made at least 8 trips across country from California to Washington, DC along with numerous trips between DC and Connecticut, DC and Detroit, and DC and Alabama. Always has been a trusty road companion! I've recently completed its restoration (if you're ever really complete), with much help from Todd, Tammy and Debbie at Opels Unlimited - those guys are fantastic.
  13. Are the trunk lids for the 63-65 Riv interchangeable? I know that the back panel above the bumper differs, but other than the placement of the Riviera script, are the trunk lids interchangeable? Thanks!
  14. Is your antenna still available? If so, I'm interested.