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  1. So would all brightwork be nickel??
  2. Question. Would a LaSalle rad shell be plated or painted originally? Charlie
  3. Thanks Ed, that seems really clear, Charlie
  4. P.S. My LaSalle has the twin sidemounts, wire wheels, trunk rack and trunk etc. But these are just options.
  5. Thank-you for the initial response but I'm not really any further ahead. I'm specifically speaking of a 28 LaSalle that I have which has been refered to as a phaeton. I don't know the body style # but The Book lists Fisher body #1168 for phaeton and 1168B for sport phaeton and nearly a $500.00 diference. There is no separate listing for twin cowl phaeton so that may indeed be the diference. Suggestions?? Charlie
  6. What is the difference between a phaeton and a sports phaeton? Can someone please enlighten me? Charlie
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