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  1. 89 TC medical problem have forced me to offer my TC for sale. I've had this from 2004 and have rebuilt the brakes system, new brakes, new A/C compressor, new pull down motor, but it still a lot of work to be restored. No idea on the mileage, it has gone forward and backward so many times. The car runs great and I drive it on the week-in when I can. I would not be afraid to drive it a long distance. Convertible top is excellent, hard top is good I will also include the overhead hanger for the hardtop, needs a paint job, I head light is excellent the other one is cracked, still works, needs new window gaskets, and a lot of other items. I'm located in Tulsa, OK first $1,500.00 will buy it. I DO NOT WANT TO PART IT OUT. My condition will not allow it. E-mail me at fburgh@sbcglobal.net with any questions Copy of 89 TC.pdf Copy of HPIM0607.pdf Copy of HPIM0609.pdf Copy of HPIM0613.pdf
  2. Bob Sorry, But I did not recieve your e-mail. JJ
  3. Bob My E-mail address is jjburgh@sbcglobal.net. Thank You for your help. JJ
  4. NO not yet, do you have a copy you can e-mail??
  5. NO I do not have a service book? Can you copy the page and e-mail it. JJburgh@sbcglobal.net. Thanks
  6. My pull down motor went out. Recieved a new one from a new one from Larry. Rarely ever had my hard top off, so I never really used the pull down until this year. When I went to install the new motor & Black Relay it would not work either. Now I know Larry so the I know the motor and black relay he send are good. Larry sent all the parts for a new brake system a few years ago. In checking the electric connector, I noticed it appears that a ( I think) green wire was cut off the black relay connection. Off the connection of the black relay I only have 3 wires ----white one on the front-----on the back there are only 2 wires a tan one on one side and a blue on the other side. In between those two wires is a stub of a green wire that has been cut off. The blue wire goes from the main connection to the pull down motor connection-and to the black relay. The white wire goes from the main connection to the pull down motor and to the black relay The Tan wire goes from the black relay to pull down motor only ---- Then there is a black wire that goes from the main connection to the pull down motor connection only---- There is a Gray Ground wire going from the pull down motor connection. My question is ====if this stub of a green wire that has been cut off the black relay connection, where does it connect to ????? I have checked all the connections, and I have power to the pull down motor and to the black relay. The black relay will click and that all I get. Any one got any suggestions----????????
  7. I know there are other pull down motors that will fit the 89 TC, but my mind is a blank tonight. Can some one put alist on so I can copy it for future use. thanks JJ
  8. Sorry to do this, but do to health problems and the recession woos that cause us to close our mortgage company. We need to sell the TC. 89 TC. Burgundy in & out Driver Seat needs a little repair. Headlights are cracked Drivers rear 1/4 has a dent and needs some molding Brakes were rebuilt last year by Chrysler Garage with the help of Larry's parts and advice. Speed odometer is broken. For some reason about year ago the numbers changed from 105000 to 205000. Gears must be mashed together some how. Black Convertible top NEEDS a pull down motor. Glass is all-OK except ports which are fogged. Paint faded on the truck deck Will throw in the hard top remover Drives and runs great. I would not be afraid to drive it coast to coast. Wife wants to wait for the CLUNKER LAW, but as I understand it if we trade it and get a new car, then it would have to be junked so it would never be on the road again. It is too nice a car to do that to. We are in Tulsa, OK E-Mail me at JJBURGH@SBCGLOBAL.NET No pictures available, lucky I can run e-mail. When you're in your 8th decade, techy thing just do not matter any more. E-Mail Offers and I'll let you know.
  9. I think someone on this site said that CADDIE uses the same motor for thier trunk pull down. Does anyone know the part number to order or the year and make of the Caddie. I would like to order a new motor.
  10. OK Guys Some one out there must know the answer to this one. WE have at least two days of subshine this weekend so I thought it would be nice to drive the TC. Went over to where it is stored and someone broke off the right side mirror. It looks like they just either hit with something or whatever. The screw attachments are broken off. The mirror is not broken, I got the mirror out of the case, but now I,m stuck. How does the swivel come apart?? There must be a slot or some way to easily take the swivel apart. The electric wires go into the swivel, so they have to attach somewhere. There are four points where the plastic has been melted down to hold the swivel on, do I have to cut them off? Before I screw the entire thing up, I know someone out there has this problem before. I have a manual, however there is no mention of the side mirrors anywhere that I can find. In the mean time does any one a brunady right side mirror case or the entire item.
  11. Laura Check your PM in My Stuff at the top of the page. Thanks JJ
  12. The Black Rubber Piece along the edge of the window glass that keep the water from running into the door.
  13. The trim on the drivers door along the outside of the window is half gone and the water keep seeping in along the window into the door panel. Does anyone have a trim piece and know where to get one from?
  14. LOU Some time back you were trying to tell some one about BENEVOLENCE. Well I just got back from my 2 week refresher course to teach CE (contunuing education) to Mortgage Loan Originator and Mortgage Lender. The following has been put into MORTGAGE LAW in some states. After the comets you made and some of the replies I read from different people on this site, I thought it would interesting for them to know that BENEVOLENCE, is no longer an option in some industries. Some where down the road it might even apply to the auto parts industry. BENEVOLENCE BENEVOLENCE goes beyond doing no harm to an active state of doing good to others. It suggests that all people benefit when one person seeks to improve the life of another. Regulators have incorporated benevolence into business law with statutes regarding corporate social responsibility. BENEVOLENCE has become part of the regulatory mix in mortgage lending. Lenders can no longer just complete a loan. They must make sure that the borrowers understand the terms of the loan they have applied for, can judge between the risks and benefits of different types of loans, and know how to successfully repay the loan. Rules are in place in many states requiring that lenders provide applicants with mortgage education and reasonable advice and counsel. The loan originator must be prepared to act as teacher, advisor, and counselor. These responsibilities take <span style="text-decoration: underline">PRIORITY </span>over responsibilities to employers, investors and /or their own economic needs.
  15. Does any have a scaled pewter model they to sell?????
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