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  1. do you have the abs brake pump --1 bolt undoes it and the hydraulic fitting? looking at it--it's on the bottom right of brake abs assembly 1988-1990 my hey thanks how much to ship to 98312?
  2. i found these spring steel brake pad riders let me know if you need
  3. i found these spring steel brake pad riders let me know if you need
  4. does anyone know where i can get the hardware that holds on the outside door moulding strip? for a 1990 reatta thanks troy anyone know what they look like? it sais in the field service manual that 2 studs spaced out 6 total are on the door but i just have holes drilled in where the studs are suppose to be
  5. sounds like your sway bar linkage needs to be tightened on the strut
  6. trying to put in a new motor are the engine vin#s the same for a 1990 and 1991? reatta
  7. its a big piece of rubber bulk moulding that goes on the front top of the door--all the way to the front of the door on top---it fits inside and goes under the door panel on the top front of the door
  8. I guess my 1990 reatta is worth around 5000$ jumped up 3000 from last year has 157k miles
  9. those things the brake pads wear on when they go back and forth flat bent stainless steel things
  10. i need this little black piece that fits on this end
  11. I need this little piece that fits on the end of this sill for a 1990 reatta
  12. hi i'm looking for the little piece that fits by the door handle its on that outside black sill piece that runs along the window between door and window anyway the little piece that goes on the end of that black steel rubber sill---black little end piece thankyou troy
  13. in town everytime i hit a bump the brake pads rattle like crazy. does anyone know the solution to this? those little stainless steel keepers that the pads ride on are impossible to find anybody have some thankyou troy why is something so simple so complicated?
  14. i got good at trouble shooting this you have to have buick reprogram your bcm chip if the data line checks out and still wont work
  15. i just replaced my door lock and its a trick but you can do remove window then you can see in there