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  1. My starter button under the dash seems to be shorting out and nothing happens or a short click and then nothing. I disconnected it at the relay and then pressed the button on the relay and it started. How to I get at the push button under on the dash to replace it. Thanks
  2. The key would not turn in my 46. iremoved the switch from the dash but could not disconnect the cable from the switch to the steering wheel lock. I wanted to take the switch to a locksmith or install a new one. How do I do it. Thanks
  3. papete

    chrome removal

    I want to take the chrome off the front of my 46 Lincoln. It looks to be a very difficult job. The bolts and nuts seem to be behind other parts. Do I need to remove the fenders and a lot of other parts? Any tips? Thanks
  4. papete

    46 door not latch

    :)Sprayed as you said. It took about 3 minutes and the door latches as if new. Thanks for the tip!
  5. papete

    46 door not latch

    My back 46 door will not stay latched. How do I keep it latched? Thanks:confused:
  6. You can get an air pump at most chain stores that you need not plug into your cigerette lighter. It is free standing and does not have a cord. It is about 4 inches by 10 inches by 10 inches. you charge it by plugging it to your home electric outlet. Just remember to charge it once in a while. I carry mine when I go on trips.
  7. papete

    speedometer removal

    The fan came loose.
  8. papete

    speedometer removal

    :(Thanks Peecher. Unlucky for me, today returning from an estimate at the paint shop the fan went through the radiator.
  9. papete

    speedometer removal

    How do I remove the speedometer on my 46 lincoln sedan? thanks.
  10. papete

    FS 1937 Oldsmobile 4-door

    Where are you located in Pa? I might come over to look at it.
  11. papete


    Probably any of those will work. I put mine in dry but, it may be easier to have some lubercant. Maybe some others can help on this point? You need to take your time and make sure you put the wires in the right place. If I could get an engine harness for 80 bucks I would buy it. What is your source? Thanks.
  12. Are the front and back springs the same in my 46? I have a NOS spring and a spring maker said he would make another using my spring for a pattern. thanks
  13. papete

    Nothing but bad luck

    I will tell you what bad luck is! On Wednesday I was testing my power windows on my 46 sedan. I had removed all of the interior except the back of the front seat. I had rebuilt the two front window lifts and put in new hoses for the back but did not hook them to the lifts. I was testing the electric switches. The front seat back was laying down on the floor in back. When I pressed the switch an unbeliveable amount of oil squirted on the seats from the two rear hoses. I am now testing all the sport remover products I can find. Ihave about 95% of the oil removed. Any good spot removers out there. Thanks for reading my tale of woe.
  14. I need to put new shocks on the 63. Any recomendations.Thanks
  15. papete

    Radial tires for antique car

    I installed radials on my 63 ford galaxie on Friday. It makes an amazing improvement in handling and ride quality. Far more than you would expect. If you are into driving your car as opposed to correctness go for it.