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  1. The museum is currently closed due to covid. There was a fire in the building that houses the server and there was no back up. We are re constructing a website
  2. Most likely a head gasket, could be a head problem have had to recast heads for the early sleeve valve cars. Had a Stoddard Dayton Knight with aluminum heads I was able to weld. Jerry
  3. Looking for an oil pump and a clutch disc for a model 20 Willys Knight. Trying to put back together a car taken apart years ago.
  4. My 1908 BC has a Briscoe radiator
  5. Join the WOKR the club has the blueprints for the boot. I sewed covers for my Overland
  6. Mirror resilvering, Frank Wright Glass on Gratiot in Detroit. Jerry
  7. I have several Willys Knights and have driven thousands of miles over the last 40 years, after cleaning the oil pan I use 10w40 detergent . Clean the rectifier and look for vaccuum leaks in the suction system of the rectifier, the t-bolts thru the flat tube get plugged and the copper washers on both sides of th tube develop leaks and will not suck the excess oil from the sleeves. Check the bimetal valve in the top of the rectifier this controls vaccuum to the rectifier in the later cars the left the port open so the rectifier worked regardless of engine temperature. The club has the rectifier housing to manifold gasket made of copper
  8. The 1929 stearns engine was basically a willys knight 66 a engine check the wokr.org website for info. Service info and some of the gaskets are available thru the club. The Rectifier to housing was a copper gasket. The was a service bulletin to put a baffle plate between the rectifier housing and the exhaust manifold.
  9. The Wokr has a booklet on how to repair, check the on line store. After removing the water cover you can remove the nuts for the heads and remove the heads individually.with the appropriate items removed you can remove the nuts and lift the upper block and the sleeves will remain in place. Removing sleeve pins and rod cap the piston sleeve assembly can be removed. Jerry
  10. There is a good chance it is a head. The willys Knight had a head for each clinder and siphon tubes which siphoned water from a pocket in the head when the water was drained. These often plugged because of dirty cooling systems. You can make an adaptor for the spark plug hole and pressurize each cylinder to find the leaking cylinder. Depending on model some parts are available. Jerry
  11. 1928 Franklin 12A sedan new pistons, valves, valve guides timing chain, kingpins, wheel cylinders, master cylinder, wiring and manuals. excellent driver. original paint and interior Car is in Michigan Extra parts: cylinders rods 2 new babbited rods headlite welled fender transmission rear end rocker boxes $18,000 or best offer
  12. You can remove the pump submerge the gears in oil and rotate the shaft with a drill motor and watch the discharge. Regal pumps only have a point contact in back of the gear chamber a solution I have used is to make an insert to create a gear pocket.
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