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  1. We had 1790 cubic inch air cooled V-12 Continental engines in our M46 and M47 tanks during Korea. Soon after the war in 1954 we go the M48 tank with the same engine. The M48 had better sloping armor, and this chassis with an updated engine became the M60. Soldier
  2. Thanks for the Info. Michael. I just received an email from I had previously asked them about repairing my old motor, which they did not want to do. This time I asked them about a replacement, and they said the had one. I imagine their motor is a Trico that will mount the same as the old one like you mentioned. I will contact them the 1st of the week. Thanks again, Jerry Saunders
  3. I am looking for a good used or NOS wiper motor for my 1931 Buick series 50. I think the original is a Trico RCX9, and believe a KCX9 updated version would work. Thanks, Jerry Saunders(515/285-2099).
  4. I am looking to buy a good used or NOS wiper motor for my 1931 Buick series 50. I think the original is a Trico model RCX9, and an updated version KCX9 would work. Thanks, Jerry Saunders(515/285-2099).
  5. v12lincoln, Where did you find a new sealed bearing fan hub? I would sure like to order one of those. Thanks, Soldier/Jerry Saunders
  6. Would like to buy a water outlet for a 1931 Buick Series 50. Some one might have one on a junk head? Thanks, Soldier.
  7. My 1931 Buick club coupe is older than me, but not much. I was born in 1932. I had one almost like it in 1951, and sold it before I went into the service for $150. When I found this one on ebay in 2007, old and good memories prompted me to buy it. It cost me quite a bit more than $150 this time, however. Soldier
  8. My 1931 Buick Series 50 Fan Hub shaft locked up. I found that the fiber oil pump gear in the hub shelled out. Does anyone have a good fan hub, or a complete fan assembly they would sell? My hub could possibly be salvaged if a fiber gear could be found, but the hub does not appear to have a replaceable bearing. The Master Parts Book shows a Fan Assembly for a 1931- 50, only, but the Hub shows to be the same for 1931-50 or 60, 1932 all, and 1933-50. Thanks, Soldier
  9. Dodge 1934, Want to buy a KCX9 Trico wiper motor. I have a 1931 Buick closed car with a RCX9 on it. I have been told that a KCX9 replacement model was available later that was much better. Would you have a KCX9 for sale? Thanks, Soldier
  10. My 1931 Buick has a RCX9 motor on it, which has been repaired several times. I have been told that there is a KCX9 model that was a much improved replacement. Would you have one of them? Thanks, Soldier
  11. Bob, Ficken is the service that did not wish to try to repair my motor. The motor is not chrome plated, but is a model they say is not repairable because of parts availability, and possible swelling of the case. They recommend the KCX9 model, but admit they would be hard to find. Thanks for the reply, Soldier
  12. My wiper motor is not working. The motor was rebuilt several years ago, but has never worked well. A repair service tells me they to not recommend attempting repair for these motors. The motor is an RCX9 model, and the repair service says that the KCX9 was an update that worked much better. Can anyone offer additional information, or have KCX9 model for sale? Soldier
  13. I'm looking for an inside door handle, and a door window crank for my 1931 Buick Series 50. Leave a private message or call 515/285-2099. Thanks, Soldier
  14. Mark, I did put shut off valves on both lines to stop flow through the heater in the summer, but have not tried restricting the flow. When the blower fan is turned off there is not a problem, so I am still looking for a voltage control switch(rheostat) to vary the fan speed. I can remember having those switches on our cars years ago. Soldier
  15. Superbuick, I have a 1931 Buick series 50 club coupe(Southern Calif. car), and installed a heater. I welded a pipe nipple on the engine water outlet pipe at the top of the radiator, and another on the extension pipe at the bottom of the radiator(suction side of the water pump). I then ran a 5/8" ID heater hose from the top connection on the of the heater to the upper nipple, and another from the bottom of the heater to the nipple at the bottom. Circulation is fine, and the heater works great. In fact when I turn the blower fan on it will quickly drive you out of that litlle coupe. I am now looking for a fan motor speed control switch(rheostat). Any one have one for sale? Soldier, Jerry Saunders,