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  1. I need the chrome Bumper strip that says "OLDSMOBILE" in chrome andmust be mounted on the bumper....not stuck on.... about 35 inches long.......also brochure of 68 olds delta custom
  2. do you still have the bumper strip and what price? and how do I put it on....
  3. do you still have the strip.... how is it fastened on.....
  4. how much...how do I pay you.... and could you send me a picture
  5. need trim for rear bumper that says oldsmobile
  6. looking for the strip thatsays oldsmobile that attaches to the rear bumper for 68
  7. looking for manuel type mirrors for 68 delta custom and hardware would be nice...also brochure for same car for that year..thank you in advance
  8. right and left mirrors manuel type for 68 olds Delta Custom
  9. mirrors driver and passenger ......clock would be nice out of the dash.....what kind or radio..is it oiginal I have a 68 delta custom 2 door
  10. Looking for Rear Bumper strip which says OLDSMOBILE and mounts in rear bumper.....Also Driver and Passenger Mirrors in good shape including hardware.....
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