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  1. I have an unrestored original in Michigan near Traverse City. Stored indoors. Not as sharp as the blue shown here, but less money at $4500.00. I have the original hubcaps as well, stainless steel, not bad but need restoring. Phone 231-271-3131
  2. I have a pair of these that I am trying to determine what car and year they are from. I tried adding photos but am stymied on how to do.
  3. I want to buy the dash (instrument) cluster from a '36 Stude Dictator. If you can, please email me at instead of a PM.
  4. Do you still have the 1936 Stude gauges for sale? If so, what model are they for and do you have any pictures?
  5. Do you still have this for sale and if so how much?
  6. I can't go this Spring so I have 4 spaces for one time rent. They are located on the corner outside the "T" building (big red building) High & dry, Flat and easy to get in and out. Lots of foot traffic around this building. 50' to toilets and food counter, grandstand is 200' away. Email or call me for details. Keith 231-271-3131 or
  7. I have 4 Spring spaces on a busy corner and 5 Fall spaces ( 4 in the infield, flat & dry, 1 next to Car Corral ) No transfer fees. $3000 for all 9 spaces. Won't separate. Email me for more info, I don't get to check my ads to often.
  8. Google Bob Drake Co. He reproduces these and has good pictures in his online catalog.
  9. 1928 Chrysler dash complete with instrument cluster. I presume most if not all gauges will require restoring. Temp gauge still has the heat tube and bulb intact. No dents or damage to the gauge bezel, glass is good. Needs bead blasting or chemical stripping. No cracks or rot. Price is $295.00 and includes shipping to the 48 states, more for AK & HI and foreign countries. You can pay with Paypal, Check or a Money Order. I will try to add pictures, but if unsuccessful, email me at : and I can email them to you. Keith Ph 231-271-3139 ( Fairlane Group # )
  10. Looking to rent a 1918 Buick for a feature length movie to be shot in Flint and extending to the Upper Peninsula. If you have this car and have some interest, contact me at Fairlane Group, PO Box 965, Leland, MI 49654 Ph 231-271-3139 email:
  11. Do you need a nice honeycomb radiator and grill shell?
  12. Thank you. I thought this might be the case but couldn't be sure.
  13. Here is a photo missing from my first posting. Maybe only one photo can be downloaded. If someone has an interest in this, reply and I can email all photos.
  14. I have saved these two radiators and grill shells from the crusher and wish to identify them and offer for sale. They both have honeycomb cores in excellent condition. The grill shells are very good, but in need of re-plating. Both are about 34 inches high.