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  1. MrPushButton, Thanks for Information, much appreciated.
  2. Can anyone tell me what the original tires were for the 1955 Packard 400? Size, Manufacturer, side wall options, etc. Any information appreciated. Thanks, Bruce
  3. Dave. I had heard that some Olds also had self shift transmissions also. Exactly how do they fit into the picture? Same Year? Amounts produced? Thanks, Bruce
  4. Dave, Where could I go to find out more about the tool kit that came with the self shifters? Possibly a picture or description of them? Thanks, Bruce
  5. Dave, Thanks, old military habits are hard to break. I just got the two Buick books on ebay and should be receiving them in a few days. I am sorry to hear about your brother in law...my thoughts are with you. I am going to be gathering up all the restoration and manuals I can before I start restoration. I am really excited about this project and hope I do justice to this vehicle. Amazing how rare they are. Maybe some day we will be able to show two Self Shifters at the same event (has that ever been done?) but that is probably a few years away. I will do a lot of research before I start
  6. Sir, Thank you for all the tips on getting this restoration project off the ground. I have already joined BCA and planning on attending the Seattle event in July. Yes, Jim Brunson is my cousin...we're definately talking about same vehicle. Jim and his brother had the car for about 5 or 6 years. Before that my cousin in Arkansas own the car. He bought it in the mid 60's when he lived in California and took it to Arkansas when he moved there in 1975. I think the car was originally sold in or around Santa Cruz, California. I have yearly registrations going back to the 40s. I always liked
  7. Here are a few picture of Buick as it now sits...I will try to keep some updated photos as I go...Any suggestions appreciated...Thanks
  8. Sir, Thank you for the great information. Over the next couple of years I am hoping to put a lot of work into this vehicle and get it as close to original as possible. I do have a lot of questions that are spinning around in my mind, and I am sure I will be trying to tap into your knowledge as much as possible. This will be my first attempt at restoring a vehicle. I would appreciate any information on the restoration process, where do I start? I do have one of the Self Shifting manuals, and I always try to keep my eye on ebay to get the rest. I never knew about the tool kit but that will
  9. Hi and thanks for the help. The Trim #400 Paint #519 I will look up Hill Jenkins and get hold of him also. Again thanks for the help.
  10. Thanks for the information...I will check out Hampton Coach...The Interior is in really good shape, was redone in leather and still looks nice. I would really like to find a spare front and rear seat and door panels and get them done and installed and salvage the interior in it...It is in too nice condition to simply tear out. But do want to have the car looking original. I really like the self shifter, it is unique and so far I have had no problems with it. I happened to look in the "Buick Judging Manual" and got a lot of good information on Paint Codes and other valuable information but
  11. I live in Central California about half way between Bakersfield and Fresno (1 Hour each way) was wondering if anyone had any recommendation or experiences with quality Chromers in this Area. Need to get chroming done on my '38 Buick. Any responses appreciated. If you want to PM me with negative comments on Chromers you would stay away from, please do. I would also be interested on who are the quality chromers nationwide? Thanks, Bruce
  12. Hi, I don't want to give you any bad advise, but was looking at some of these knobs online a few days ago and remember that at least one (the wind shield wiper knob, for a '38 Buick) said that you should put the knob in extremely hot water and it would shrink to fit the knobs. Do not know if this applies to yours but this is how it is described on ebay item 290106443259 which you can take a look at. Also other knobs listed suggest using epoxy.
  13. Thriller, Thanks for the Kind Welcome. Last night I did join the BCA online. Also plan to join the 1937-38 Buick Club. I can see already that this website can become addictive.
  14. Hello, new to this forum but was very impressed with the knowledge I found on this Site. Hoping someone can help me with a few questions. I am currently preparing to restore a 1938 Buick Special Self Shifter that has been in my family for over 40 years, the car has less than 43,000 original mile on it and is about 99% complete and original except for a bad paint job that was put on about 30 years ago and interior both of which I plan to take back to original. The first question I have is approximately how many (or what Percentage) of the 1938 Buicks were Self Shifters? Several years ago my
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