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  1. Hi! Do you have any good/great looking front or rear bumper parts for small or large series 58' models? Sincerely Roy
  2. Thank You all for all help! I'm happy to say your advice paid off...I got the engine and trans repaird, at a fairly low cost. And now it runs stronger than ever, with no noises or any leaks! Thanks again!
  3. Thanks for your help! Unfortunatelly I have 425 head, but need a 364 1958! anyone? Have adress in Iowa...
  4. Hi! Can anyone confirm that the heads (stripped) from 1957-58 364cid, are interchangable with the 1960-64 401-425 HEADS? Got a broken 364 head, and a good 425 head.... :eek:
  5. Hi! Got any 64 to 66 425cid nailheads?
  6. Nice car! Very Nice Car!!! Where outside Bergen? (Jeg er også fra Norge..Gardermoen. Er det noen i miljøet ditt som har eller skaffer en 425 motor 64-66?) Good to see more rivi's in Norway! Take care, Roy
  7. Thanks! I was too late... Seller ended the auction earlier... Probably sold it. But now I know next time! Roy
  8. Hi Nimrod! You don't know of any KW-coded engines for sale in Germany? I live in Norway and I need a 64 425 engine?
  9. Why?! Oh, WHY!!!???!!!??? What a waste!
  10. Hi! Does anyone know if I can use this engineblock (MW= 1966 425cid four barrel) with my 1964 Buick Riviera trans (st400). I think not, but neighter I or the seller is sure.. Item: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270296104229&ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:MOTORS:1123
  11. My block has the number B1364704, and I found an engine with the code B1364705. according to buick.net (http://www.buicks.net/shop/reference/nailhead_casting_numbers.html) My engine is 63-66 425, and the parts engine is 64-66 401/425. Are these interchangeable?
  12. It shakes at all rpm's, but of course mostly noticeable at low rpm's. The flexplate is installed correctly, but it had a damage so I'm looking for a new one. I will check the harmonic balancer to rule that out.. Will let you know what I find out! Thank You so far!!!!
  13. Yes. Normally it would be the best thing to do. The engine was rebuilt under two years ago, except for crank, pistons, rods and cam. The engine block cracked open behind the starter, along the cooling canal. Had it welded at a professional company, and it turned out ok. But several things are still difficult. It still leaks a lot of oil, it shakes like a bad tuned motor, only it is not! I installed a MSD electronic ignition on it, with brand new distributor and all... Still shakin'!! And many earlier owners ran the engine hot, and it's been known to eat waterpumps.. Many have been working (mor
  14. Hi! Thank you so much! I have a 64 Riviera with a 425 and the 400 trans. But the engine is tired, but the transmission was overhauled not long ago. And I found a 63 425 with the dynaflow on ebay. But since it seems like a lot of trouble, I'll wait and see if I can find another engine, or engine block with the correct flywheel and crank! Thank you again, you've been most helpful. Not too many rivnuts around here in Norway...so I really appreciate all help and tips from you guys in the US! Keep them old Buicks running! 74 Apollo 64 Riviera 58 Special 58 Super
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