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  1. I'm interested in the spark plug covers if they're still available.
  2. Got them off and replaced by using heat on the frozen links. Thanks to all who offered advice and suggestions. No more rattle ! Dan
  3. Could be U-joint or pinion bearing in rear end.
  4. Thanks, Pete. I'm concerned about getting the old links off. I don't think they're going to come off easily. Should I get a puller and if so can you recommend one? Thanks again. Dan
  5. I'm getting ready to replace the rear shock links on my '55 Buick Special. I haven't done this before and was wondering what problems I might encounter and how to avoid them. Thanks for any tips or advice. Dan
  6. Got the car back Thursday with new transmission mount and thrust pad from Bob's Automobilia. The old ones were literally falling apart. However, I've felt and heard the clunk twice in maybe 30 or 40 stops since getting the car back. My mechanic thinks it might be coming from the pinion bearing and is pretty sure it's in the rear end somewhere. Thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
  7. I previously wrote that," I raised the rear end and turned the right side wheel with the selector in park..." I meant drive not park. I got under the car today at Precision Tune and the one thing that was obviously bad was the sad shape of the transmission pad. It is cracked and crumbly. I broke a little piece of the rubber off in my hand. It will be replaced soon and maybe that will cure my problem. I made several stops again today, no clunks. Car got a good grease job and all 4 wheels pulled. Brakes were like new. Also had front wheel bearings packed. Differential lube was right where it should be so at least nothing's running back there through the torque tube. Front end components all looked good and there was no excessive movement when front tires were grasped and rocked. All seemed normal. Thanks for looking, keep those thoughts coming. Dan
  8. Thanks guys. I have a shop manual and will take it along. I raised the car's rear end and turned the right side wheel with the selector in park. No unusual noises, everything seemed normal. This was a few days back. I'll definitely post here as I go along. My mechanic works on lots of older cars but I'm sure he will benefit from the knowledge available here and I'll pass along anything you fellows care to offer. Tomorrow I'm having the car serviced, Oil, filter and lube, front wheel bearings packed and brakes inspected and adjusted. I can have a good look around while it's on the rack. This is just at Precision Tune. It goes to the collector car specialist on Friday. Thanks, Dan
  9. Thanks guys and I will definitely check out the ball joints. I hadn't even considered them, just assumed the problem was in the drive line. Dan
  10. Just drove the car about 12 miles, 20 minutes, around town. 15 or 20 stops,. First stop I made, clunk, just like before and then no more clunks for at least 15 stops. Everything was as it should be. Most of them were normal rolling up to stop sign type stops, some a little harder but no panic stops. Most in drive but I did several in low, no clunks. Downshifted to low then stopped no clunks. Upshifted to drive then stopped, no clunks. took off in low, no clunks. etc. Nothing over 55 mph. Only the very first stop clunked. Did it cure itself? Undoubtedly not. My theory is that a motor or transmission mount, slippery from oil or fluid leak, slipped back into place. Car goes to shop Friday 8th. Thanks to Beemon and anyone else for your thoughts. Any comments or suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Dan
  11. One of the replies to my previous post which I accidentally deleted was about a pumpkin something or other and that's the one thing I didn't make a note of. I think it was Willie or Pete. if you see this could you please refresh my memory about your comment so I can mention it to my mechanic when I take the car in. Thanks, Dan
  12. I just deleted my earlier thread by trying to delete a picture of a Garmin GPS I'm selling on Ebay. Why was it there? I can only say (sheepishly) that I'm responsible. I'm so D&^%#mn good with computers!! Thanks to Willie, Pete, Beeman, Tank and everybody else who offered advice and suggestions. Luckily I took a few notes the old-fashioned way and haven't lost any of your good counseling. I'm going to adjust the brakes adjust, get the wheels balanced and then I'll try driving her at various speeds and some hard braking to see if I can learn anything more. I jacked the rear end up and with the selector in drive, turned the passenger side rear wheel both ways and also tried to shove laterally a little as Tank suggested but nothing seemed unusual or Clunky. I'm taking the car to my mechanic April 8. I've explained the problem and he seems confident he can handle it. Thanks again guys and I'll let you know of any interesting developments. Now if anybody knows about computers..... Dan
  13. Can anyone point me to a Twin Cities shop that can repair/overhaul/replace a Dynaflow? It;s a '55 Special Riviera. Thanks, Dan
  14. My '55 Special Riviera 264 has a hand choke. Must be a conversion right? Anyone know what the last year for Buicks to have manual choke? Thanks, Dan
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