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    started work at 9 yrs of age in 1977 at a Nursery working with plants & cars ... i currently own ..2, 1957 buicks..a 1976 ford falcon xb coupe, a 1968 Shelby GT500KR, 3 ford model t C Cab trucks..a rod millen MX5 convertible roadster

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  1. Its my birthday so i spent it cruising the automobiles shown in pics i took today ! & sh*t just got real ! 57 Buick convertible reached 57000 miles .. Best Birthday ever !!
  2. Thankyou John , a happy new year to you and aaca members ..I do look forward to a new year & here attached is my Forward Look plymouth 1958 i recently imported from the Netherlands, along with 57 buick convertible from CA.. if you look at both cars Pictured you can see why in 1957 chrysler was called the forward look..came out streamlined with sharp edges..
  3. Cheers everyone !! .. i was very interested to buy it for sure !! and its not easy to view a vehicle in person when you live on the other side of the world.. over the past 25 years i have imported 7-9 vehicles ..each one was as described & everything i was expecting due to obtaining many photos of all aspects of the vehicle...and asking hundreds of questions and overall doing your investigations & homework !! If its a great deal & if seller was iffy for whatever reason ..i would hire an appraiser who would overlook the vehicle and send over 100 photos.. Ive personally also done over 1000 ebay transactions with people in USA & maybe just 2 out of the 1000 was not so good .... you nice people are honest and sincere over there !! Love your strong integrity and honesty !!!! Soon as i do a transaction with someone from either my own country (Australia) or Canada 1 in 3 are out to try & burn me !!! ...from my experience over many years unfortunately that is the honest truth !!! So i havent spent much money in these countries .. the only thing i dont buy from the USA are my groceries..
  4. Well thats a Pretty good purchase price at auction for a convertible with over $100k invested in the restoration.. c'mon if you list a car for sale & theres a buyer with hand up to purchase.. why procrastinate ? If seller is in 2 minds to sell ..simple ,, dont advertise it until you a sure you want to sell ... a request for a pic of a simple piece of paper showing current date stuck on the car for sale is not too much to ask for ensure its a secured bonafide sale.. also the craigslist listing shows only a link you can only reply to .. also the supposed work email address offered comes up with nothing on google ..hello !! Alarm bells are ringing to the tune of ScamoScoliosis !!
  5. Thankyou Marty, appreciate your efforts.. i purchased a hood emblem & other parts from a great guy named Tim, in OH, For those of you whom wish to read all about my 58 Plymouth Sports Coupe purchase from the Netherlands, & current pics & progress on link below ..its been quite a procedure and resto ..yet a quick one !! ,, cheers everyone 😘
  6. This beautiful 58 buick convertible showing for sale $27k on craigslist .. And numerous other a scam !! Beware !! I emailed seller i was interested & he offered this email When i replied to the above offered email address i requested a pic of current date on piece of paper & to be affixed to the car ... seller failed to respond .. ** beware folks **
  7. WANTED & Seeking : a 1958 plymouth Hood Badge / Emblem in nice condition..if you have Decode or rewrite another way this Email .. Hood emblem purchased..thanks to Tim in OH,
  8. Seeking a clean nice hood emblem / badge for 1958 plymouth.. Send an email if you have to (Decode ) johnnybuick at bigpond dot kom
  9. I did prefer any color but a red one..too many out there in red like mine to be in midnite blue with the gold sportone side trim..but il look at it once whitewalls n hubcaps go back on ..and wow Nice ride Jack ! ..very clean .. and those wheels look great ! Really sets the car !
  10. I finally have found & put a deposit down on a 1958 plymouth belvedere sports coupe . Found it in the Netherlands.. i actually remember seeing it for sale from US in 2016.. the current owner only did 37 miles and has only 40,000 miles orig. Clean engine-bay..disc brake front end...just needs whitewalls & orig hubcaps to go back on.. cheers n beers & a ThankYou to auburnseeker and jack M ..for your interest and efforts. i luv u guy s !!😁
  11. Its still quite a find & Its wonderful to know they are still out there!! I believe there are still a few more in barns and sheds out there somewhere just like that one .. keep up the good work guys !!
  12. Seen that white one on craiglist and it would of been great without the rust holes on the inner & outer sills .. needs a complete restoration unfortunately.. these specific cars were very thin in the sheetmetal in some areas..
  13. Thanks to Auburnseeker and Jack for your efforts !! Even after all this still looking ! Cheers guys ..keep your peepers on the lookout !
  14. I inquired about the one with gateway classics above..and i just missed out..if deal falls thru. Im in.!! But im Still looking. I wish to also mention & warn others that there is a 57 Fury on for $26999... its a scam ! These scammers find and list real car ads from other sites and list these on their site and include low priced wanted cars .. and on too !! Beware folks !! If its too good to be true..its a scam !!