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  1. Left overs from a Lincoln collection. Have TONS of parts,,$2500 for it all Trans cases,,some gears ( no complete transmissions ) ,,springs,,intereior parts ( no seats ) trim parts,,motor parts,bumpers,etc etc..must take it all $2500
  2. Trying to ID this rear drum/hub. it is a 9x2 drum with a 4 1/2" lug pattern. The hub is Kelsey Hayes part # 33442...any help would be great.. the opening on the wheel side is 3/4" OD,,I'm thinking old Mail truck or some other light duty vehicle ?? Thanks
  3. 9x2 drum ,,hub insert #33442, bolt pattern 5 - 4 1/2" from the early 50's. Any help would be great !!
  4. No luck with Hudson,,wrong pattern on the axle flange Thought having the part # was gonna make this easy,,lol
  5. Small Ford Pattern 5 x 4 1/2 ,,axle locking nut is 5/8 x 18, It matches the Jet perfectly,,but need to find if it was used elsewhere as the Jet was a 2 year set up
  6. ok, appears to be Hudson Jet,,but still trying to ID backing plate application by its part #. Thanks
  7. Yes,, the parts availability is the issue I am having. Thanks for the info though it helps greatly
  8. Ok, trying to put together a 9x2 brake shoe rear brake set up ( same as Hudson Jet ). I know the MC is Wagner FE-2693 ,,Wheel Cylinders Wagner D4664 SO,, will any shoe that is 9x2 work as long as all the holes for everything are in the right places ? Also I know the Wheel Cylinders are 15/16 can any 15/16 WC work as long as the ends are correct ? How are MC's actually matched to WC 's ?
  9. That is what was on the wheel cyl. itself ,,along with Wag Loc
  10. The axle is irrelevant in this case, Pictures of the plate , drum and part # ,,thought someone would have an old Bendix book or something. Year is about 1952, also I'm well aware of quite a # of 9" brake set ups.
  11. Need 2 but will take more if I can get them. or if anyone has a new part # for them. Thanks
  12. um,If I knew that I would then have the answer to my question
  13. Looking for 2 of these fake mag wheel inserts,, need them for 14" rims,,thanks
  14. 9 " brake, backing plate , 4 bolts mount it to the axle housing flange... Bendix # 301673 any help would be great. thanks Add on ---oh,, ok most times it's other way around,,here ya go,,the side holes on both sides had, old Jeep type eccentric's ( frozen and rotted away) here is the drum as well,,( need to find an extra as the other is badly damaged ) , the bolt pattern is 5 on 4 1/2"
  15. 2 odd bits, Legallite,,flat on one side but curved on the other,,stamped Dec.12 1912,,,The other McKeelite any idea what these would fit ?
  16. Worth more than 4000 in parts,,so price is firm. Try I-95 Transport
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