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  1. I am painting my 64 Electra and need to locate some side moulding fasteners I believe that they are also used on 64 wildcats. I have tried restoration specialist and no luck so need some help guys just let me know thanks for your time
  2. iI am sure that the 64 wildcat has the same fasteners
  3. Restoration specialist doesn't have them I tried already
  4. I am having my 64 electra painted and when the side door moldings were taken off some of the clips or fasteners broke off and I am in need of relocating replacements if ANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE call me or txt me at 765-228-9558 thanks for your time. I do have some pics if you give me an email I van send them to you
  5. Hi the car is in Muncie, In and it is the dark green color, and I am taking offers I have over 7000 in the motor rebuild. I really just want the car to go to a Buick person, it has no rust and solid as a rock
  6. I have For sale is this Buick Centurion 2DR sport coupe with a top to bottom rebuilt 455 machined 30 over with new valve seat, guides, vales, springs, keepers, seals, pistons, cam bearings,performance cam, freeze plugs, timing cover, gaskets, electronic ignition, ignition cap and rotor, hoses, belts, water pump, oil pump, timing gears fuel pump, air pump, alternator, radiator, new exhaust manifold bolts, new dual exhaust, newer breaks, new top, and new wide white wall tires. This car sounds so damn good with the performance cam and flowmaster dual exhaust. Also I had no idea just how fast this
  7. I am looking for a nice rear bumper for my 64, needs to have good chrome and very few if any dings. Any help please email me or call 765-228-9558 Thank you for your time.
  8. I need some help my switch on my 64 Buick Electra broke and I am now looking for a new one. So any help would be great, thank you for your time. You can email me at drail1eye@yahoo.com or call at 765-228-9558 my name is Darrell
  9. Out of the 7100+ 64 Electras convertibles made how many had bucket seats and console? Thank you in advance for your time.
  10. I just got the chance to get my hands on the car of my dreams and now I would like to know just how many were made. It is a white 64 Buick Electra Convertible with red bucket seats and console I have heard the this is a rare car but would just like some help?
  11. Hello, just checking on the 64 to see if there are any pis? or just what is left of the car and just where the car is? If you could email me at drail1eye@yahoo.com thank you for your time.
  12. I am just starting the process of trying to find a 64 225 convertible and help would be welcome. Thanks you can call me at 765-228-9558
  13. I am looking for a center link for my 64 electra 225 if anyone could point me in the right direction that would be great. Thanks for your time
  14. Do you have any pic you could send me drail1eye@yahoo.com thanks
  15. I have been looking for shocks for my 64 2dr Electra with no luck. But I have found some for a 64 Wildcat, question would the work on the Electra? Thanks for your time!
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