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  1. Have the pics scanned for best quality reproduction. Kinko's can do it.
  2. There is a tag on this car saying the doors were built under patent by The Budd Company...no other ID was found. Can anyone ID this unfortunate old car???
  3. Posted on another site, I'm wondering if this beauty can be identified? Photo dated 1910 Detroit.
  4. Looks like a kit car, or Homemade to me but I've been known to be wrong once or twice
  5. Moore's in Rapid City SD has a very extensive collection of Mopars. http://www.mooresautosalvage.com/parts.asp A bit pricey but they know their Mopars. For mechanical parts, a good local parts store with an "older" partsman who knows paper catalogs is good to find. My local guy has gotten me most of my needs from local sources usually within a day. Then there's Stacy in Texas...
  6. Well, there are several pages of the different years and body styles, so I'm assuming there are subtle differences but I did not compare. If you are working on a specific car, give me the yr, body style and model # and I can scan the correct one for you.
  7. These are from 1949...if you need a specific year and model, let me know.
  8. Check out the "For Sale" section for my post. http://forums.aaca.org/f119/m6-goveror-interruptor-switch-carb-286473.html
  9. Keep in mind, though, that the "Fluid Drive", and your M6 Semi-Automatic Hydraulically Shifted Transmission are two distinct and separate units. The "Fluid Drive" looks like a torque converter and replaces the flywheel, the clutch is bolted to it. Then there is the M6 transmission...two separate units. The access hole for the fluid drive unit is closer to the firewall on the trans hump in these 49 Chrysler pics.
  10. oldcar31, I think you nailed it! Thanks!
  11. Is anyone able to ID this coupe body???
  12. I had one of these 81 Imperials in 88. One owner, low miles and it was by far and away the worst car in every possible aspect I have ever owned. I didn't trust that rattling, wandering, stinky unreliable uncomfortable hunk O' crap as far as I could throw it. And I'm a Mopar guy. After 3 yrs of ownership, 8 months of driving I gleefully watched as the local metal recycler crushed that evil demon into a 2 foot high block. The reason they are all low milers is they won't go anywhere without SOMETHING breaking or literally falling off (like most of the trim). Hence most owners parked them. Wouldn
  13. Thanks a million everyone...a great help!
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