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  1. Hello to any T-Bird fans out there I am a member of the AACA/Tucson Region in Arizona I currently have a 69 and 73 T-Birds for sale.Both cas I drive and they don't need a whole lot of work,since I do drive them,and I do get a lot of thumbs up when I am driving them. I am asking $7,000 OBO for each T-Bird and they are worth more,since recently I spent $6,000 on each T-Bird and had the drive trains rebuilt by Jim Click Ford here in Tucson.The engines/transmissions and rear ends are fine. I do have about 1,000 lbs of spare parts for the 67 thru 71 T-Birds which is for sale as well,but no spare engines/transmissions or rear ends for these cars.A lot of the spare parts are hard to find etc. They are great daily drivers as they are etc.I don't drive much any longer due to being seperated from Civil Service on disibility from Davis-Monthan A.F.B Az. I'm sure someone out there may enjoy these cars. I can be reached at 520-393-8337 anytime to answer questions anyone may have about these cars etc. Thanks for reading this post. GrayRider
  2. I'm not sure who that is. Do you have an e-mail address for there business?.Up to a 66 T-bird is not a problem. The problem is with the Glamor and Big Birds. GrayRider
  3. Thanks for the reply's I will be talking to Peter in a little while.I just tried to call him.i will wait until after he eats dinner,sure don't want to interupt that,ha GrayRider
  4. Thanks for the reply No one I can find here in Tucson/Phoenix has the vinyl top material. What I need to find out is what grain Vinyl materal was used. If I am correct the Glamor Birds 67 thru 71 used Alligator Grain material.Then I think the the Big Birds 72 thru 76 used what I think was called Cayman Grain Vinyl top material. So I am looking for the factory vinyl top material grain that was used on the Big Birds 72 thru 76 I'm still surfing the web for it,but running into dead ends.The factory material may not be availably any longer,but I am still in hunt mode THX GrayRider
  5. Thanks for the reply's Probably I would be talking about licensing the cars,but I would be showing the cars as well.I did call the DMV here in Tucson,but i didn't get to much out of them.They did ask if i was and are the cars registered with what they call Classic Car Club of America(CCCA),i'm not sure who these people are since the one here is AACA and not sure what the difference is between clubs.I would think the results should be the same to put classic or antique tags on the cars here in Tucson?. As far as getting in contact with Bill Schoening or Peter Garaphy,i will try to locate them.I did join the Tucson Region of the AACA,almost two weeks ago,and paid the first years dues,but haven't heard from them since,and still waiting for a membership card from them as well. So at the moment I'm not sure if I can put what may be called Classic tags or Antique tags on these cars here in Tucson and what the rules are?. I will try to get in touch with the two persons mentioned,but I do not see Bill Schoening on the list of officers here at the Tucson region of the AACA. THX GrayRider
  6. I have joined the AACA,and paid my first years dues,currently waiting for my new member card in the mail. In the meantime I want to ask about three Thunderbirds I have and another one is coming to me from Tampa to Tucson. I have two 69's/one 71 and a 73 Bird I just bought and is currently being shipped to me. So I want to ask can I register these cars with AACA?,unless these cars are not old enough to be registered with AACA?. If they can be registered how do I do this here on line at after I get my new membership card in the mail. Thanks for any further info GrayRider
  7. Hello all I am a new forums page user as of today. So what I want to ask does anyone know where I can find/buy original vinyl top material for my 73 Thunderbird.Mine needs replaced? Thanks GrayRider