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  1. Hi i´m looking for a water pump for my 1954 Chrysler 331 Firepower Regards Jimmy
  2. Hi, i sent my e-mail adress to you. Thanks / Jimmy
  3. I´m looking for a pair of these Airtemp (A/C) intake grilles for 1953 & 1954 Mopars They don´t have to be perfect, just useable. Thanks / Jimmy in Sweden
  4. Hi i need to change my almost 60 year old tie rod ends on my new yorker, but i can only find the outer ends. Is the inner type the same as the outer or are they just hard to find? Found a front end kit on ebay, but these kits are sold with the outer tie rod ends only.. Thanks Jimmy
  5. 65/66 bonnevilles is my favorite car, i have a 66 conv. Let me know if youre interested in selling
  6. One more for sale in sweden, i know its far... Dreamcars.se - Klassiska amerikanska drmbilar! 975.000kr is approx. $150.000 Good luck in finding your car
  7. Buick Limited | Örebro One for sale here in Sweden,not cheap though..
  8. Hi im looking for a 4 door hardtop, buick, pontiac oldsmobile cadillac in a driveable good condition in Western united states, California, Nevada, Utah, Idaho or Oregon I have a friend in Idaho who can help me inspect, pay in cash and pick the car up. PM me what you´ve got / Jimmy
  9. About 65% is taxes Gas price +fuel tax + "green tax" and then a sales tax on everything :mad:
  10. Todays price here in sweden is $8.7 for one gallon...
  11. I was born in 1988 and my cars are from ´54 and ´66.
  12. Hi, if you are interested in phone numbers etc. to insurance companies in Sweden i can help you. Or anything else for that matter, send me a pm and i´ll give you my e-mail adress. What are your plans for your Swedish holiday, Power big meet? Regards Jimmy Larsson, Gothenburg Sweden
  13. I use dexron III in my '54 chrysler, works fine. I bought type A a couple of years ago (hard to find but it exists) and can't say i felt any difference.
  14. Can't read it either.. All i know is that it was for sale, he was asking $3500 for it
  15. 1957 Chevrolet used by local police in Iggesund, Sweden 1958 Chevrolet and Opel Hudson 1949 Buick
  16. Not a Buick/Olds/Pontiac but i hope you don´t mind This is my car i travel around in the summer to Swap meets and car shows. 1954 Chrysler New Yorker / Jimmy
  17. I bought a brand new (bosch?) for my ´54 at a local shop that mainly fixes with car electrics
  18. I bought this brand by a car parts store here in Sweden, he calld it Mopar Aluminum for my ´54 hemi. Sprayed with a paint gun and it turned out great. ENGINE ENAMEL-Hirsch Automotive Products / Jimmy
  19. I can see if i can find something for you.. A 1960 Buick Conv. is a rare car and it must be possible to track it. I'll let you know if i find it! Regards Jimmy in Sweden
  20. Its from Sweden, outside of Gothenburg. The woman is said to be the local school teacher...
  21. Keep our streets beutiful, Drive a Buick :cool: