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  1. Thanks guys for the quick responses. I think I will try that place you recommended Ed and will let you know how everything goes. It wouldnt be a bad idea to get a few pieces incase a mistake happens. John Meyers-Sawa 65 Custom Riviera R.O.A. #11352
  2. Hey Guys, I am currently putting together my interior and I am installing a custom DVD/NAV system where the old heater/AC controls were. Now I have purchased a nice cherry wood kit from Randy Rymal, but the piece already has the cutout for the controls and wont work with my ALpine system. I have been trying to get a hold of Randy to see if he can cut me a custom piece but he hastnt got back to me as of yet. Does anybody know where I might be able to come across a place that can make a piece like this for me out of cherry wood? John Meyers-Sawa 65 Riv Custom R.O.A. #11352
  3. Hey Guys, Been a while since I posted and I am still restoring my interior. Was putting the door panel on the other day and noticed that the pins on the door panel dont seem to stick into the clips that are in the actual door. I have replaced the old clips with new white clips and discovered that the news clips fir exactly into the holes in the door but the opening for the pins seems bigger, that is why I think the pins wont stick. However some of the pins do stick in. I am not sure if it is the clips that are the problme or the pins on the door panel. Does anybody know where to get replacement pins or the original OEM clips? Was also wondering if the pins can come off of the metal strip on the door panel or if they are all one unit? Any info would be helpful, thanks. John 65 Custom Riv R.O.A. 11352
  4. Hey guys, i seem to have misplaced both turn signal and tilt wheel levers when i was doing my interior. Looked everywhere and cant find it, checked with cars and they dont sell for 65, only 63-64. Also misplaced my light knob assembly, the assembly to turn your lights on and off. It is just a knob and a piece of metal which connects to the switch behind the dash. Any ideas where I might find these important items? John 65 Riv Custom R.O.A. 11352
  5. Hey Guys, The lights on my Riv need to be replaced and I was looking at the xenon set that cars have but they don;t carry them anymore due to cost issues. I want to find a set of xenons becasue i like the bright blue light but am having a hard time. does anybody know of another company that supplies these or if they are even being made anymore? Thanks. 65 Riv Custom John. R.O.A 11352
  6. hey guys, My passenger side window doesnt roll all the way down, most likely a stopper issue. Do I have to take off the door skin just to adjust the window? I am also having issues with my rear driver window, seems like its getting stuck when mid way when going up or down. Makes it worse when I put on the interior and chrome trim, seems to make it even worse than previously. I have taken the whole track assembly apart in the past when i put in new window motors and lubed it up. Should I adjust the track and lube it up again. Need to get this done ASAP because can't go any further with my interior until that is complete. Thanks. John 65 Riv Custom
  7. Hey guys, Thanks for the advice. I managed to get them all off even though I had to drill out some rusted screws. Only problem is I couldnt get the chrome trim off the passenger side door because my window wont go down all the way. Not sure if its a stopper issue or what, but it needs to go down an extra half inch so I can get to the screws. Not sure If I have to take off the door skin to get at the window, really hope I dont. I am most likely gonna post on this topic in the main page. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. John 65 Riv Custom
  8. Thanks for the reply, I'm going to check that out on wednesday and hopefully tackle it. Will let you know how it comes, thanks again. John 65 Riv custom
  9. Hey all, Was just installing my new interior and cant figure out how to get the exterior chrome trim off which contains the felt. The four pieces in question are the front chrome trim on the doors which the felt connects to and the trim on the rear above the wheel wells which also houses the felt. I inspected it closely and cant see if it it held in with screws or clips, but didn't see any screws. any info would be appreciated. Thanks. John 65 Riv Custom.
  10. Hey all, Was just wiring back up my window controls and couldn't find any fuses for the front and rear window motors. Was wondering if they have fuses to begin with and where they are located? Thanks, John. 65 Riv Custom
  11. Hey Guys, I am doing a full interior restoration and need new seat belts to match my interior. Dose anybody know of a good place to get seat belts from that can match colors? Also want to know if any riv's, doesn't matter the year ever came with seat belts that had the riv logo on the, thought that would be a nice touch. Any info would be appreciated. John. R.O.A. #11352 Custom 65 Riv
  12. hey Mike, I also wanted to put torque thursts on my 65. But went with a wheel from Coy's wheels located in Utah. They are called C-5's and are one piece instead of two piece which is what torque thrust are. I went with 18 by 9.5 rear and 18 by 8 up front. Rubber on rear is 275/40/18, front 245/40/18. I cant remember what the exact backspace is but the guys at Coy's know, they have sold many wheels for riv's. Look them up, just type Coy's wheels in google. John. R.O.A. #11352 Custom 65 Riv
  13. Hey Guys, I am doing a full restoration on my 65. Just finished tearing out all the interior and carpet. Was wondering what to use to insulate the floor. I have already used sound deadening material on my doors and trunk do help with better sound quality for my stereo, but the material is heavy. Does anyone know what type of material that would optimize sound quality and eliminate road noise along with properly insulating the car? Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks. John. 1965 Riv Custom
  14. I have a 65 as well and picked up a 3.42 posi rear end because my stock was a 3.08 non posi. The same numbers, 343D and 70 are on the bottom of the carrier housing of my rear end. So I would say it's safe to say you have a 3.42 posi rear end. John 1965 Buick Riviera Custom.
  15. Thanks for the Link. I checked it out, seems pricey though. 55.00 plus 9.00 for shipping each. Not sure if I wanna spend that much money on lights, money is tied up with other more important things at the moment. Cars had an amazing deal, 100.00 for 4 lamps, highs and lows Xenon. But they don't carry them anymore. John. 1965 Buick Riviera Custom R.O.A. 11352
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