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  1. The fenders on your car would be 38. 39 fenders won't fit without major surgery at the lower rear of the fenders. The 38 lens is shallow and has to use the wider 38 trim ring. (wider at top). The 39 lens has a higher profile and has to use the narrower 39 trim ring. Either 38 or 39 lenses should fit your 38 fenders as long as you use their matching trim rings. My 38 has 39 lenses and trim rings. I can't remember if I had to modify the lens clips. 


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  2. Hi Roy, the engine bay is the same color as the lower outer car body. I picked the colors from a fleet color book at NAPA. They don't have a name, just a number. The other car is a 38 convertible, you may not like the fact that it doesn't have the V12. I found the car with no engine. I made a completely new chassis for it and did a little customizing to the body. These are before and after pics.

    38 lincoln zephyr 001.jpg

    summer 017.jpg

    38 lincoln 007.jpg

    38 lincoln 006.jpg

    cobble beach cars and coffee 2019.jpg

    top down 38 zephyr.jpg

  3. Ten years after finding the car, the first thing my friend did was get it painted before anything was repaired. So the only pictures I have are of the car painted. My task was to now restore it after paint was done. He did not get the interior painted, so I did that as well as painting other parts that needed redoing along with engine, trans,rear end, all new wiring, glass, gauges, mechanical brakes, gas tank, lighting and what ever was needed to get it road worthy. 

  4. Not bad idle, but sluggish acceleration can be bad coil on one side. There are two coils in one assembly, one for each side of the engine. Pull a plug wire off on one side of engine and hold close to plug with insulated pliers. Have some one start the car and see if there is a spark. If no spark, try the plug beside it. If still no spark, then the coil that serves that side of engine is dead. If there is spark on that side of engine, then try the same on the other side of the engine. I had this happen on my car. One side of the coil assembly went dead. Just something to try first before a big cash outlay to fix a bunch of things that might not need fixing. 

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  5. After bench bleeding, leave the nipple, tubing and fluid in place. Take it out of the vice and mount on car. Remove the nipple and screw in the brake line. Bleed brakes as normal, starting with the furthest brake. Make sure to keep fluid topped up in master while bleeding lines. When done make sure there is enough fluid in master, then install lid to keep out moisture.

  6. Some one in the past had tack welded the bottom of the window channel where the screws are supposed to be. I ground off the welds and was able to slide the mechanism down between the channel and the inner door skin. I ground off the rivets on the mechanism, pulled the pieces apart and replaced the spring. I then put the pieces together and tacked the rivets on the side that I had ground off. All is back together and working again. Thanks Dave

  7. The door latch spring on my 39 coupe broke. I removed the door panel and the screws holding the latch assembly. I can't seem to get the assembly past  the window channel so I can remove the assembly for spring replacement. The window channel is tack welded at the bottom and top.  Does the window channel have to be moved to get the door latch assembly out? Thank you in advance. Dave

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