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  1. Best to clean the gear box and find where the leak is actually coming from , Mineral spirits and a brush work great .
  2. A shop with a bender will be cheaper than at Hershey or any major swap meet . Venders need to make up the cost of space and travel expense .Try calling a NAPA store if they know of someone with a bender .
  3. There is more than just taxes to look at .Do you want drought, hurricanes , floods, hot and humid or waist deep snow .Utilities can bite you as well as sales and property taxes .Real estate cost is another one . then there is entertainment as well as shopping convenience. Do you like fishing or Hunting .Last what are zoning restrictions for car collectors and home mechanics .I don't remember were it is they are trying to pass a ordinance that you can not work on your own car even in your garage.
  4. Sounds like the oil pan plug fell out .
  5. Best to go to the buyers bank to get your money and notify your insurance that you sold the car .If DMV service is available go to them and have the buyer register .
  6. This is strange as many parts of the country it has been to wet for planting corn , but it's the tariffs fault .If we have so much oil why are we making Alcohol is what many ca not follow .
  7. Try contacting walker Manufacturing , years back they were helpful .
  8. Tranny coolers belong in front of the condenser . All GMs that I have owned with Factory coolers were in front and NOT between condenser and radiator .Some times back when a trailer package consisted of a hitch and wiring and cooler would have been extra . If your oil is red and not towards the brown you should be alright .But it never hurts to drop the pan and change the filter before pulling the camper any distance unless you know for sure at what millege it was last done..
  9. have you looked at the cable for damage ,wear or lack of lube .
  10. At that mileage the fuel filter was probably never Changed and at that time E10 was not popular . It would pay to have a mechanic run a scan to make sure . The 3800 was a good motor if taken care of .
  11. 51-1/4 inch long could be something off of a rear fender 2Dr. or truck bed . Little long for front fender .
  12. Our 49 Buick had that style for back up lights .
  13. Real smelly listing ,contract with Ebay and crated . But no Ebay contact info ????