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  1. Time to get a manual and read up on it. Also try the Chrysler section further down under forums.
  2. Silver solder will hold it in place . Unless your threads are very lose high temp loctite should work just fine as it is staying in place and not a moving part.
  3. Yes, it was dark almost black and not stiff like what appears on the hood shown.
  4. What does the chart say for the max ID the drum can be turned to finished.
  5. Why do the computer geeks always have to change a good working site and make it more complicated and time consuming. Peter put the damn Buy and Sell back
  6. Pressure test the new tank and avoid putting a torch to it to destroy the coating of the metal .
  7. Front looks more like 47 and it looks like it is in the EU .That picture has appeared before.
  8. Not a convertible ,Tahoe or Suburban. Sun roof ,comfort ,good ride and room for suitcases and cooler .
  9. Most Fuel gage problems were with a bad ground at the tank or sometimes at the dash. I doubt your Starting problem is related to the sending unit. Could possible be the starter circuit or relay.
  10. Back then you could pick items and not a package deal when ordering from the factory.
  11. A little oil on them does wonders unless the the bushing or shaft is worn out .
  12. If the location and hotels are available in Sept. ,now would be the time to change than at a later date. Which could mean a cancel for the year .There is a lot of work that goes into planing with lots of people .
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