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  1. 51dyno

    pulling the nose off a '51 Super

    Start by getting a manual , the outer fenders are not that heavy if separated from inner .
  2. 51dyno

    Hydraulic brake tubing

    NAPA had replacement lines for my van , might give them a call . Brake lines are required to have DOUBLE FLARES when splicing in a section and doubtful a good mechanic would do that due to liability . Do it yourself and could cost you your home .
  3. 51dyno

    98 Lesabre rear seat

    Is it possible that you need to remove the bottom so the back part hocks in and then the bottom goes back in . Just a thought .
  4. If they have drain plug ,remove oil and if rusty oil flush with mineral spirits . refill and see if they leak . Might be best to call apple for a recommend and best oil on todays market .
  5. 51dyno

    This plate from a 1957 Super

    If the ID tag is with screws I would be suspicious . Titles and ID tags can be bought .
  6. 51dyno

    Wiper issue

    What was the problem before replacing the Motor ?
  7. 51dyno

    Gas tank plug washer

    How about a Nylon washer , there are sealers supposedly for ethanol . I believe Loctite has one ??
  8. 51dyno

    Buick Question

    I would say the motor and tranny came from a special as well as all other parts to make the conversion .Or it was a special order Roadmaster at the time as the crank would have had to be machined for a stick .
  9. 51dyno

    Question for 1965 Buick folks

    You have to remember they are Wi. cars that have been sitting idle for 15 years . Many times people think they are sitting on Gold when it might not even reach silver .
  10. 51dyno

    Biggest new car per peaves

    They are as big distraction as texting . The other thing is they put the same size seats in all models .
  11. 51dyno

    58 Buick on Craigslist 2dr 6500

    On Ebay for 13,000.00
  12. 51dyno

    Muffler hanger cap 1957 1958 others?

    If it is metal look at a 1 inch pipe cap or 11/8 cap and drill a hole ..
  13. 51dyno

    Towing with an Enclave - Anybody done it

    Bite the bullet and buy her a enclave and a pre 2000 low milege Suburban or Tahoe for towing . Last month GM ran 15 % off on a enclave and it appears to still be going on in my area . but sales vary by zip code .Mine listed at 50 and the fully loaded was 53. all I am missing is the rear entertainment package . It has premium sound and Nav.. Reason I say older Suburban or Tahoe is they had the seats that were flat and not like todays . I had a 100LB Lab and getting the way new seats fold was hard .She is gone now so I bought a new suburban . Haven't towed jet but I think the old 350s were better with their tranny than the new many gear ones. If you find a larger engine better yet . 2018 Enclave will have changes and some restyling .
  14. 51dyno

    Problems with Lester tires

    Thank whom ever is responsible for changing the compounds used in making the Rubber for tires. The old classic tires use the modern type material .