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  1. On Tuesday night (8/25/2015) a drunk driver in a F150 came screaming down the street here in San Diego, ripped off the front bumper cover and messed up the front suspension on a VW New Beetle, rolled over my Suzuki C50 Boulevard, tore up the Riviera as you can see in the photo, ripped off his right front wheel and continued on to mess around with my VW CC. The force moved a 4500 pound Riviera up onto the curb and forward 2 feet or so. The adjuster seems to think it would take 15 grand to fix it...but he could be wrong.
  2. Does anyone think this is repairable? If so, please let me know. (For a reasonable cost, that is!) Thanks! Colin
  3. The thumping turned out to be the center drive shaft bushing mount was loose....now it's tight and there's no thumping.
  4. After way too much procrastination and a few days under the car when it was on blocks scraping 50 years of oil and road dirt off the top rail of the frame on the driver's side and finding nothing, I spent 20 minutes on the passenger side and found the 'hidden' chassis/VIN number. If it hadn't been for you guys, I wouldn't have known where to start to look, so thank you! Colin
  5. Tom: They'll do that as soon as the California Highway Patrol sees the stamped chassis number on the car. Really like the Facebook story of the 65's rebuild. Looks like a lot of fun. Colin
  6. RivNut: Because it isn't there any more. Someone took it off. And someone changed the engine without updating records with the DMV so that can't be verified either. It's the hidden number or nothing. But I appreciate all your input!
  7. Chris: CHP told me where it is, just need to know if I can raise the body just slightly on the passenger side. The number is on the top of the frame rail between 20" and 30" aft of the first frame bolt.
  8. Chris: On a 63 Riviera: Do you (or anyone) know if it's possible to just take out a couple of the body bolts on the right side only to lift the body slightly so that the CHP can see the hidden chassis number that's stamped on the top of the frame rail? I can't finish the registration process until I can do this. The CHP in El Cajon CA did not have enough room between the top of the frame rail and the underside of the body to even get an inspection mirror in there to find and see the number. Perhaps it would be a good idea to replace whatever body cushions/bushings/bumpers are there at the same time. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks very much! Colin San Diego CA
  9. The 1961 would make more sense since it's got a Dynaflow bolted onto it and it works reasonably well...stiil need to crawl around under it and get the 'VIN'
  10. Many thanks, Tom..those are my concerns as well. I think the production code is LT, so now I know what year engine I have, at least. I'll work with the police and DMV to get some sort of certification regarding this or have another made and attached after I verify that the car's the correct one. Would have checked the VIN on a newer car, but with all the papers supporting this, I didn't think to check this one.
  11. Thanks Jason...I guess I know what I'll be doing on Friday....hoping that I can see something stamped on the frame.