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  1. Gents, I am looking for the Pull Cord, Handles, and Panel that mount onto the rear of the front seat of a 1946-1948 Chrysler. I prefer the panel is Straight Grain Walnut Color and the cord is intact - no breaks. Handles may need chrome but its important that it is not damaged. Panel any Color will do. Name your price. Tom Skinner (704)912-3060 Huntersville, North Carolina
  2. Rusty, I will try to get J.M. to look for an ID Plate. Tom (mot)
  3. I got one yesterday on e-bay for $74 with S&H, so i guess its brake work this weekend. I will clean up leaf springs, and lubricate while down in the area also. Tom (mot)
  4. OK. Guys I think the jury is in. The motor my buddy has is probably a rebuild. I appreciate your help with this as it always helps to have more opinions to solve mysteries. We determined it was a 250.6 cu. in. by its length 25"-26", and he has the head off and will pull a piston to determine if its been bored over. I believe now that he's in there a piston,ring job is about to commence anyhow. Tom Skinner mot
  5. Rusty, I tried about 12 places this week, no pullers that would work for rent. I even tried about 4 Pawn Shops, plenty of damn good cheap tools there for anyone looking, but no hub/wheel pullers. Good news is that e-bay has a ton of them cheap (under a hundred, w S&H included). So I guess its e-bay to the rescue. Tom Skinner mot
  6. Dear Chrysler Readers, I have a 1948 Royal that needs brake work, any ideas as to where I might find a "Drum Puller" seems like no one knows what they are anymore. I removed the wheel, cotterpin, washer, and released the emergency brake, and even bumped it with a rubber mallet, no cigar. I did a brake job on my other '48 Royal in '79 and I think I just pulled the drum off by hand. Any ideas as to where I might find a C-675 tool (Universal Wheel and Hub Puller)? Tom Skinner
  7. Hello Fellow Chrysler Owners, I have a 1948 Royal with a 250.6 cu. in. Spitfire engine, and my buddy just purchased a 1947 Windsor. His Engine Serial number has no prefix. No C38W etc. Just a number 89221. What does this mean? Typically a motor if Chrysler starts with a C, if Dodge a D, if Plymouth a P, and if Desoto a S. Why wouldn't his motor have a prefix? Tom
  8. Go to Chryslers 1948 251 cu. in. engine on Google, they list a guy that sells them from CA. only about $45 with shipping and handling. GO FOR IT DUDE!
  9. Dear 50 Traveler/Justin, I have the exact same problem. Someone wrote about it on the p-15-d24 forum, and said to replace the rubber seal through Robert's. The two flanges on either side of the cowl vent are attached to armatures that must be adjusted and tightened to mimick each side, that is to say to become symetrical in function. Another thing, if you tighten the play in the handle to cowl armature to much you can monk up the stop at the bracket, that is to say bend it where it enters the pivot, so be ever so careful and gentle in your adjustments. Mine is off (Cowl)at the body shop to match paint for a Sunvisor I bought so I have the priveledge of readjusting mine again as I re-install it. It is best to remove the Radio when working on all that under the dash, but go slow, leave the beer on the workbench you really can't drink it upside down. Tom
  10. I just tuned up my 48 Royal (Points, Condenser, Cap and Rotor)and try as I may I cannot set the timing by the book I have to advance it around 5 degrees, it still vibrates or hesitates when accelerating, or coming off the clutch (Its a Fluid Drive). I changed the transmission fluid (3 Pints of 10 weight oil), and cleaned the filter. Could the Carburator be the culprit or maybe the torque converter is low on oil?
  11. My 1948 Royal was running Friday until I changed the wires, Cap Rotor Condenser and Points. Now it will not start. I checked the Ignition Coil it is good. Point gap at 020 getting a spark when they open in the distributer. But no spark at the Plugs. Changed Cap and Rotor Condenser and Points back to old ones, still no luck. I checked the wire with a trouble light and have continuity. Any suggestions would be helpful as I have a car show next month and I need to drive it to Charlotte Motor Speedway.
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