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  1. Thank you all for your detective work. I appreciate your time and knowledge. Cheers Mark
  2. Please help identify the make and year of this vehicle which is an extra challenge on this low resolution photo. Thanks Mark
  3. The Airstream for 35 & 36 has the little tail at the rear. I believe the 35 has a single horizontal chrome trim at the bottom while the 36 has two extra horizontal chrome strips and a painted bottom strip
  4. They look like accessory back up lights to me. Cheers Mark
  5. I have one of these hubcaps too with the same spring clips. My understanding is that the non-spring clip was used on the U.S. "Arttillary " wheels and the spring style were use on wheels in Canada that used the standard rim. Cheers Mark
  6. Thanks very much dave H & leyther . With your help we nailed it. Now the search for parts. Cheers Mark
  7. Thanks Dave for taking the time to ID the pedal car. Is there any reference material you can suggest that would help illustrate the missing parts ? Thanks again Mark
  8. If anybody recognizes what's left of this old pedal car ? Cheers Mark
  9. Two 49 Cadillacs for sale in Victoria BC http://www.usedvictoria.com/classified-ad/1949-Cadillac-Coupe-de-Villes_19656306 Cheers Mark
  10. Nice car Thomas It appears the rear tire cover is original so my question to the forum would be : Did cars equipped with sidemounts also have a rear spare tire ? Cheers Mark
  11. Wow I had no idea these things were so common. I was overjoyed when I found a set on ebay a couple of years ago for $500. They were for a 35 Airflow as well but I wanted them for my 35 Airstream. They are the same except for that extra chrome stip on either side of the locking bolt and wing. I had to remove that trim braze the holes , remove the bottom (painted) trim and have it chromed. After a little bodywork and new paint and shipping i was into them for close to $700. My advise to anyone who needs a set is to grab these and, if a better set comes along in the future, trade up and sell the
  12. Sorry wrong email should be mark.aitken@telus.net Mark
  13. That's great Bob I would be very interested to see what info there is on the 35 C6 features. Scanning 24 pages sounds like a lot of work but the pages pertaining to the C6 would be much appreciated. Cheers Mark email m.aitken@telus.net
  14. An interesting C6 rumble seat coupe ( not mine ) is on Ebay. I have corresponded with a lot of C6 owners in the Chrysler club to research what is right and what's wrong on my car and found no other Canadian ( Windsor , Ont. ) coupes. So it is amazing to find another one in B.C. listed for sale on Ebay Chrysler : Other in Chrysler | eBay Motors. If anyone purchases this car I have accumulated a fair amount of information on them and would love to compare features. Cheers Mark
  15. You nailed it. 35 Airstream Cheers Mark
  16. A photo of my 35 C6 grill may help ( same as CZ8 and perhaps 35 Airflow ) . Cheers Mark
  17. Hi Bob Welcome to the lonely world of the 35 Airstream owner. I believe we have one of the best looking mid 30's cars out there but parts are hard to come by. If you can't find one on Ebay ( there is a whole car on there right now ) you may want to join the WPC club Join or Renew Membership . You can search the roster for 35 Airstream owners and Email or snailmail them for help locating your missing trim. I believe the 35 Airstream had the same grill so that may increase your chances. Good Luck Mark
  18. Here are some photos of the hubcap Cheers Mark
  19. I have what i believe to be a 1935 Chrysler Airstreram CZ ( 8cyl ) hubcap. It's outside diameter is eight and one half inches with an insde diameter of seven and three eighths. The height is two and three quarters inches. The stainless over steel hubcap is in good used condition with minor dings and scratches but nothing major that would require more than a good polish. I have a 35 C6 so would rather see the hubcap rolling down the road than hanging on my shop wall. As with all Airstream parts they are hard to find and sometimes expensive so I would prefer a trade rather than $. What do you h
  20. Sweet coupe Chris. You may want to keep you eye on Ebay for some Bumper Guards . Like original fender skirts, bumper irons were often removed to make the car appear more modern. It took me a long time to find both but they are out there. Cheers Mark
  21. They are indeed rare. One was posted on Ebay maybe six months ago . The car(located in Seattle) was much altered from stock and .as I recall didn't make it's hefty reserve price. There is one member in the WPC who has a beautiful dark blue 35 ragtop and you can find him if you search the WPC roster. Cheers Mark (35 Airstream C6 RS Coupe)
  22. Thanks Thriller That was very helpful as they do list it. I will try the local NAPA dealer and try and avoid the $24 postage . Cheers Mark
  23. I need help locating a replacement emergency brake cable for my 1993 Regal.The local dealer says they are obsolete but that doesn't seem possible . I am talking about the cable from the interior pedal to the rear brakes. Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. Cheers Mark
  24. I'll third that. The change may be healthy for both groups. What are the similarities for example in accessories offered for both cars ? Are the radio heads , glove box clocks or even hub caps the same ? Cheers Mark 35 Airstream C6 RS Coupe
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