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  1. Give me a call at 440 281 4478.....ask for Mike. Interested in the two Cadillac auto's. If still available, where can they be seen? Photo's available ?
  2. Am selling the motor...trans...front and rear suspension....bijur system....lever shocks....the wire wheels and tires....brake system ....gauges.....as a package....no pieces and parts...
  3. Please email me at packard32super34@yahoo.com photos of what you have to sell. I am near Cleveland, Ohio. Would like to speak with you regarding all you have for sale and the cost. My phone is 440 281 4478....call anytime. Thanks ...mike super
  4. As the title indicates I am in need of front bumpers and the front lamps. Anyone knowing or having either you can give me a call at 440 281 4478. Many thanks....mike
  5. Need a complete hood and sides for a 32 Club Sedan. If I cannot find one.....Rootlieb in California will build a complete hood and sides from dies they still have when they supplied Second Chances for their 33 and 34 Packard replica's.
  6. Attached is photo of my 1931 Auburn 898-A Brougham...
  7. broker -len.......If I understand you correctly...... the difference in price between your rubber mats and and Northfields cast urethane is $450.00 ? If that's the case, I am in. Have sent you an email prior to reading all post replies for pricing. Please let me know how to proceed if my interpretation is as stated. Thanks....mike
  8. Nice original, certified 31 Auburn for sale @ http://www.significantcars.com
  9. Nice Auburn for sale @ Significant Cars, inc.
  10. This Hawk was restored by Don Borger, New Carlisle, Pa., to original some years back. It is absolutely original. She runs strong down the road...distracting drivers as heads turn.. horns blow an thumbs go up. One never has too many cars. This is one of six 56's I have owned sold three of over the past year. Now down to three...two on the go and this one driveable. Attached two shots when i got her home late in the day last summer. Will be taking 30 more for ebay. I can say with confidence there is absolutely NOTHING this car needs done for one to enjoy the experience....zip....nada...zero. I recieved her that way and 80 miles later she is still that wy. There are no nicks ...no dings ....no scratches. I want that somene who truly loves and appreciates the Studebaker Mark to own her....my reason for posting here before I put her on ebay. Price is $35,000.00. Bottom Line ...no negotiating ...and worth every penny. That is what I paid and am not making a dime. Anyone would be hard pressed to duplicate what you are getting here with the cost of restoration these days not to include the quality of the car before restoration. A 50,000 mile original car !!!! My phone is 440 281 4478. Call anytime.....
  11. Lost one side vent and two metal covers around window inside. if anyone has one please contact me here or call 440 281 4478 thanks mike
  12. Can't find the second side vent for the restoration being done on this car. Also need the two covers for the wood on either side of the windshield. Contact me here or please call 440 281 4478 if you have any or all of these items. Is for a 902. thanks
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