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  1. Guys, I bought all 4 floor pans for my 64 from Classic Fab. 18 Gauge metal, which is thicker than the original (I think), but we had a helluva time getting them to fit. Had to do a lot of cutting, trimming, and re-bending. Plus, they didn't align correctly. Turned out to be a B**** of a job. 16 to 20 hours on each front floor pan.
  2. Just received my January / February Riview in the mail. This forum is a great idea. Welcome Back, Ray. Darned glad you're here. If you, or the re-constituted Board of Trustees need anything, give me a holler. My time is limited, but I'll help where I can. Semper Fi, Casey ROA # 8605 (2000 AD)
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